October 17, 2008

All the necessary plans have been made to cause a violent eruption in the Western Provinces, the proposed building site for the American oil and gas pipelines that will save the world. Thanks to the new US/India nuclear deal, Bush now has available 150,000 Indian troops to clear-out Pakistani opposition.

The only remaining obstacle is the ongoing battle being fought at Bejaur by Pakistan, against US/Indian fake taliban. This is why the US is against Pakistan’s approach to eliminating the fake Taliban and fake al Qaida, Pakistan is eliminating the US’s henchmen.  >>>>>


Egypt: Sunni scholars sanction ‘electronic Jihad’

October 16, 2008

Attacking American and Israeli websites by hacking and sabotage is allowed under Islamic law and is a form of ‘Jihad’ or holy war, top Muslim scholars have decreed.

The religious edict (fatwa) issued by a committee from the highest authority in Sunni Islam, Egypt’s Al-Azhar University in Cairo, was published on the website of the Islamist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement on Thursday.  >>>>>

This comes years after the West has used their electronic warfare against even something as innocent as Islamic charities.

Pak warns US against border violations

October 14, 2008

Pakistani Government sources were quoted by the Dawn News channel on Monday as saying that Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari had told British officials on the same day that violations of Pakistan’s frontiers would not be tolerated...

Islamabad says the strikes are an infringement of its sovereignty and are counterproductive in the battle against militants. Pakistani civilian and military leaders have frequently protested over the US incursions into Pakistan’s tribal region, with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani terming the attacks as an ‘act of terrorism’. >>>>>

Hope for better Muslim-US ties

October 13, 2008

Abdullah said he believed that to effectively narrow the divide between the Muslim world and the United States or the West, both sides must work hard to nourish the strengths that united them.  “We need to focus on the many principles that we share, and the numerous interests that are common,” he said.  >>>>>

Under Bush, US Influence in Latin America is Receding Before High Tide

October 12, 2008

The United States has also long served as chief educator to Latin America’s elite. Correa is among its presidents with a U.S. graduate degree – though that didn’t stop him from accusing the CIA of infiltrating his military, or refusing to renew a lease for U.S. counterdrug missions to fly out of Ecuador.

With the U.S. facing its own financial crisis, it’s unlikely to be able to leverage economic influence in Latin America anytime soon. Sen. Barack Obama’s senior adviser on Latin America, Dan Restrepo, acknowledges that his candidate is essentially proposing a symbolic shift in style – albeit adding a special White House envoy for the Americas. (In response to “US Influence in Latin America Wanes”):

Which is why false-flag operations would not be a surprise in the region aside from what has been conspired with regards to regional parties; for only the U.S. and Israel have a track record for containing the rise of the supposed “Islamo-Fascists.”  There are many Muslim and/or Arab enclaves in South and Central America.  The overwhelming majority have absolutely no Islamist-agenda within the respective countries they live.  Yet it would not take too much to get public opinion against this, while at the same time showing Latinos that the U.S. is still needed to champion ‘democracy and freedom’– just as the U.S. was needed to infiltrate and control select countries by way of the Drug Trade, and let’s not forget our own colonial history in the region.

Iraq: US dropped nuclear bomb near Basra in 1991, claims veteran

October 9, 2008

An American veteran of the first Gulf War in Iraq claims that the United States dropped a five-kilotonne nuclear bomb in 1991 in a deserted area outside the southern city of Basra on the Iranian border.

The claim by US war veteran Jim Brown was made during an interview included in a 30-minute current affairs report to be broadcast by Italian state news channel RaiNews24 on Thursday.  Brown told the Italian news channel that the bombing took place on the last day of the war in Iraq on 27 February 1991. >>>>>

How ironic and despicable if true.  We attack a whole country and kill more civilians than a non-culpable military many times over in order to ‘seek out weapons of mass destruction;’ only to find that there were no WMDs; and upon defeating the people we wrongfully attacked, we make our point by actually unnecessarily and criminally dropping a nuclear bomb.  When people around the world here this, it brings about a greater sense of urgency for justice and disdain for the cheerleaders for terms like “human rights,” “democracy,” “freedom,” “we only seek to offer humanitarian aid…”

Cambodia’s Muslims as geopolitical pawns

October 8, 2008

PHNOM PENH – Competition for influence in Cambodia, recently seen as a two-country race between the United States and China, has now seen another deep-pocketed suitor emerge: petrodollar-rich Gulf states.

While Washington has required counter-terrorism cooperation for its assistance, and Beijing has sought greater access to markets, Middle Eastern countries seem keen to build religious ties with Cambodia’s Muslim Cham minority.  >>>>>