Occupiers attack Palestinians

October 20, 2008

HEBRON: Jewish occupiers attacked a Palestinian photographer who was taking pictures of Palestinian farmers picking olives in the West Bank yesterday.

The incident, filmed by AP Television News, shows four Jewish thugs passing through an orchard in this West Bank town. They are then seen punching and kicking the photographer, Abed Hashlamoun of the EPA photo agency.  >>>>>

If it was flipped, the soldiers and/or police involved would have handled things differently, and the Palestinians would be viewed not as settlers, victims of an occupation; but rather terrorists.


Fatah student leaders in Gaza Strip announce ‘state of alert’

October 17, 2008

Students called upon the Palestinian people to “stand together” to protect the university in Gaza City from “attacks by the Islamic bloc.”

The Fatah students also accused Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, of being responsible for attacks against students and workers at the university earlier this week, according to the statement.  >>>>>

It seems as if the pitting against a people against themselves is working.  Unless there is truly representation of honest-brokering, the fear is that the Palestinians will be doing the Israelis a favor by destroying themselves.

Celebrating criminality

October 11, 2008

“He’s the man who has only done good deeds… He’s the person who is famed for cutting off Palestinians’ heads with a Japanese knife… He’s the man who was born with a knife between his teeth… He’s the head of Mossad, Meir Dagan!” The hall thundered with applause when Rozin announced Dagan as man of the year…

All the journalists who have written on Mossad under Dagan have told how taken Olmert is with the list of operations executed by Mossad. These journalists report that Dagan goes to Olmert’s office every Thursday carrying a list of operations he wants Olmert to approve, and that Olmert approves all of Dagan’s proposals. There is consensus in Israel that Dagan is currently the most influential personality among decision-makers in Tel Aviv, and that due to his achievements, Olmert has twice insisted that his term as head of Mossad be extended.  >>>>>


October 2, 2008

One question comes to mind, how can Peace be achieved between Israel and Palestine within two days if the elected representatives of the Palestinian people are not a part of the process? There is only one answer to that question….. IMPOSSIBLE! >>>>>

Palestinian nonviolent activist wounded in Ni’lin

September 23, 2008

According to a press release by the Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign sent to IMEMC Ahed Al-Khawaja sustained serious injuries as one of the grenades hit him in his face causing him a fracture in the nose and burns and bruises in the face and eyes. >>>>>

Olmert indicted as deputy is accused of war crimes

September 9, 2008

The Israeli Attorney General has been urged to launch a criminal investigation into whether Shaul Mofaz, a leading prime ministerial candidate, ordered “war crimes” to be committed when he was the military’s chief of staff.

A leading Israeli law professor has written to justice officials, calling for the investigation into claims – highlighted by The Independent last month – that during a briefing to army officers in May 2001, after the start of the second Palestinian uprising, Mr Mofaz ordered a daily “quota” of Palestinian deaths. >>>>>

Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria

September 4, 2008

Advocates of political engagement believe a war with Syria could unleash Islamic fundamentalist terror in what has hitherto been a stable dictatorship. Some voices in the Pentagon are not impressed by that argument.

“If Syria spirals into chaos, at least they’ll be taking on each other rather than heading for Jerusalem,” said one insider.  >>>>>