October 17, 2008

All the necessary plans have been made to cause a violent eruption in the Western Provinces, the proposed building site for the American oil and gas pipelines that will save the world. Thanks to the new US/India nuclear deal, Bush now has available 150,000 Indian troops to clear-out Pakistani opposition.

The only remaining obstacle is the ongoing battle being fought at Bejaur by Pakistan, against US/Indian fake taliban. This is why the US is against Pakistan’s approach to eliminating the fake Taliban and fake al Qaida, Pakistan is eliminating the US’s henchmen.  >>>>>

Obama Camp Rejects Jackson’s Claim That He Would Diminish ‘Zionist’ Influence

October 14, 2008

“As he has made clear throughout his career and throughout this campaign, Barack Obama has a fundamental commitment to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship … As president, he will ensure that Israel can defend itself from every threat it faces, stand with Israel in its quest for a secure peace with its neighbors, and use all elements of American power to end Iran’s illicit nuclear program. >>>>>

This article is extremely biased as Iran doesn’t have an “illicit nuclear program.”  This sounds like projection of Israel’s position on its nuclear arsenal; which by virtually all standards of other nations outside of the U.S. and Israel, is illicit.  In the very same paragraph, the Obama camp seems to back off of Israel by noting that the U.S. and Israel are inseparable, regardless of deeds.  This is pretty ironic, and not very democratic from a nation that places rule of law above any other alliance, legitimate or corrupt.

By the very function of a sovereign nation, the U.S. should place the legitimate interests of its own country before the illegitimate interests of another; or based on a relationship with another.

JOEL BRINKLEY: Evidence grows that Israel, with U.S. aid, is preparing to attack Iran

October 10, 2008

For the last few weeks, all eyes have been on North Korea, as the nation’s idiosyncratic leadership began reopening a plant that manufactures weapons-grade plutonium. Christopher Hill, an assistant secretary of state, met, to no effect, with North Korea’s leaders in Pyongyang last week – a visit that would have been inconceivable while hawks still dominated the Bush administration.

But, as anyone might guess, the problems in Iran did not suddenly freeze while everyone looked east. In fact several recent developments leave the strong suggestion that Israel is preparing to attack Iran – with significant help from the United States. >>>>>

Olmert to head to Russia for talks on missiles sale to Iran

October 5, 2008

The Israeli military establishment is becoming increasingly concerned over talks between Russia and Iran about the sale of to Tehran. The deployment of these missiles would pose a major obstacle to any Israel Air Force operation against Iranian nuclear
facilities. >>>>>

Israel will strike before Iran gets bomb – French FM

October 5, 2008

In an interview with Haaretz published on Sunday, Kouchner, who is on a visit to Israel, said he agreed with expert estimates that Iran needed from two to four years to create a nuclear bomb.

“I think that you are well informed, and so are the Americans and so are we. It has always been the case between two and four years. But to make what? One bomb,” Haaretz quoted Kouchner as saying.

…And we should trust this kind of speculation without fact because…?  There are just as many other experts that say Iran has no desire for the bomb.  You could get just as many, if not more countries, to agree that the U.S. and Israel are in cahoots to take over the world.  But this doesn’t make it so.  Does it?  Maybe you don’t want to answer that question.

Even if it were factual, Iran would have gone through far more hurdles than Israel cares to admit to — and Israel has the bomb.

Chomsky: “The Majority of the World Supports Iran”

October 4, 2008

Ghoshroy’s subsequent conversation with Chomsky touched on a number of interweaving topics, including: India and the importance of the non-aligned movement; the myths of free trade and the so-called “success” of neoliberalism; Washington’s historic opposition to promote new world economic and information orders; Latin America’s growing independence; the West’s hypocrisy over Iran’s nuclear program — and MIT’s ironic role in it during the shah’s regime; and, finally, U.S. elections and the prospects for change.

The result is a two-part interview, the second of which will run on AlterNet tomorrow. Part One begins with India, the Non-Aligned Movement, and why a “majority of the world supports Iran.” (The Non-Aligned Movement, which consists of some 115 or more representatives of “developing countries,” originated at the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung, Indonesia, in 1955, which was convened mainly by newly independent former colonies from Africa and Asia to develop joint policies in international relations. >>>>>

Many accepted concepts of the West would lose in a global democracy.

Syria says nuclear cooperation not at security expense

October 3, 2008

“We would like to underline that my government is cooperating with the (IAEA) in full transparency and we will follow suit all along the way,” the head of Syria’s Atomic Energy Commission, Ibrahim Othman told the IAEA’s general conference here.

“However, this cooperation will not be in any way at the expense of disclosing our military sites or causing a threat to our national security,” Othman said. >>>>>