Disillusioned Afghans Seen Turning on Karzai

October 23, 2008

President Karzai has been under pressure from the US and other allies to do something about the growing problem of corruption in his government, forcing him to shuffle his cabinet earlier this month. The mounting allegations have even extended to his family, with his brother reportedly linked to the nation’s burgeoning heroin trade>>>>>


Sources: US to waive visa rules for 7 countries

October 17, 2008

Congress last year enacted a law to expand the program while requiring that the government implement a system under which visitors from non-visa countries would have to register online with U.S. authorities before their departures and provide some personal information. Lieberman contends that program will not be in place when the new countries join. >>>>>

How Deeply is the U.S. involved in the Afghan Drug Trade?

October 17, 2008

The answer is simple and dismaying. America’s local allies in Afghanistan, the politicians and warlords who overthrew Taliban in 2001, are up to their turbans in the heroin trade. Drug money is the blood that courses through Afghanistan’s veins and keeps the economy limping along. The U.S.-installed Karzai regime in Kabul propped up by US and NATO bayonets has only two sources of income: cash handouts from Washington, and the proceeds of drug dealing.

When Taliban ruled 90% of Afghanistan from 1996-2001, it almost totally stamped out poppy cultivation as un-Islamic. The UN’s drug control agency has confirmed this fact. >>>>>

‘Collateral damage’ or targeted killing, the effect is much the same

October 12, 2008

But now I ask a question. When US troops massacre Iraqi civilians in Haditha because their buddy has been murdered, what is the difference between their revenge and that of Saddam? When a Taliban attack on Nato forces in Afghanistan provokes a US air strike on a village and leaves women and children torn to pieces in the ruins – this now seems the inevitable result – what is the difference between those innocent deaths and the destruction of the families of Abdullah’s grandchildren in Dujail?  >>>>>

US, Pakistan torn apart over terror

October 8, 2008

Commencing with the enormous backlash in Pakistan in the aftermath of the raid by US special forces on Angoori Ada in the tribal area of South Waziristan on September 3; the disclosure by the New York Times that President George W Bush issued secret orders allowing US special forces to undertake operations inside Pakistan without prior notice; and the aggressive statements of several Pakistani leaders, the entire country has been gripped by a wave of anti-American sentiment which the country’s top civilian and military leadership has also been quick to echo. >>>>>

French troops: We won’t go to Afghanistan

October 5, 2008

According to French media, troops in the 27th battalion stationed in a southern France military base said on Friday that they were unwilling to go to Afghanistan as part of France’s mission in the central Asian country…

Despite the fact that 50 percent of the French people oppose the deployment of thousands of troops to Afghanistan, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced at the last NATO summit in April that he would send an additional 700 French soldiers to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, bringing the total to about 3,000.  Criticism of Sarkozy’s policies increased following the death of the 10 French soldiers. He has also faced severe criticism for being too close to US President George W. Bush’s administration.  >>>>>

Afghan President invites Taliban leader to join peace talks, ministry

October 1, 2008

Meanwhile, Mullah Omar demanded forces of NATO and US to withdraw from Afghanistan or face defeat.

“If you withdraw from our country, we will facilitate the ways for your withdrawal, failing which, like the Russians, you will face defeat in all corners of the world,” he said in a statement. >>>>>