Gitmo prosecutor consulted priest for help

October 17, 2008

Struggling with orders to prosecute a young detainee at Guantanamo Bay, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld went online and consulted a well-known Jesuit priest for help with his concerns about the fairness of the military tribunals…

The Rev. John Dear, a Jesuit priest and social activist, encouraged Vandeveld to quit, telling him the U.S. operation at Guantanamo is “a sham.” “God does not want you to participate in any injustice, and GITMO is so bad, I hope and pray you will quietly, peacefully, prayerfully, just resign, and start your life over,” Dear wrote in his e-mail. >>>>>

Those with sound minds and well-meaning hearts are starting to come to.

‘The Elephant in the Room’ Movie

October 16, 2008

Free Movie–Watch on Google Video – Watch on YouTube

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Spanish police arrest 12 Islamist suspects

October 16, 2008

The raids targeted networks suspected of hiding and aiding the escape of al Qaeda members, a police statement said, including some linked to the 2004 Madrid train bombings which killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,800.  >>>>>

Britain withdraws terror detention law after defeat

October 13, 2008

The British government on Monday withdrew a plan to extend the time suspected violent extremists can be held without charge after the House of Lords voted against it.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she would remove plans to extend the limit from 28 to 42 days from a proposed counter-terrorism bill, but could re-introduce the measure in a separate law at a later date.  >>>>>

It seems like they are stuck with only four weeks for torturing and conjuring up phony charges to continue justifying their participation in this War on Terror.

Criminalising free speech

October 11, 2008

To suggest that the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis or Afghans have the right to resist occupation and aggression through armed struggle could easily be construed as public provocation to terrorism. Advocates of direct action against corporations, government policies and intergovernmental organisations like the EU may also fall foul of the new laws. >>>>>

Self-hating or hate-baiting?

October 9, 2008

That all three accused men are Jewish “makes it all the more problematic…” in response to article:  3 charged in Pikesville vandalism

It appears more likely that they were attempting to redirect hate away from Jewish people and Israel and send it toward those who would use swastikas or have a history of being anti-Semitic.  These are criminals who were caught in the act of vandalism and inciting hatred; and had they not been caught, there would have been a greater dissent towards Muslims, Arabs and whites.

If they were as the rabbi suggested, self-hating Jews, it would have been logical for them to do something to hurt themselves.  They stood a lot to gain if they did not get caught.

Guantanamo techniques applied on US soil: civil rights groups

October 9, 2008

The military documents, including regular emails between military officers, were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, and detail the detention and interrogation at naval prisons in Virginia and South Carolina.

They focus on three “enemy combatants:” two US citizens, Jose Padilla and Yaser Hamdi, and a legal resident, Ali al-Marri.  >>>>>