October 13, 2008

Affirming that “equal conditions” have already been established for all religions in Azerbaijan, Alibayli, a former advisor to the late President Abulfaz Elchibey, maintained that restrictions on “free praying” or police forcing Muslim men to shave their beards “should be considered as a human rights violation” alone.

Arif Yunus, author of “Islam in Azerbaijan”, however, believes that the “Islamic factor” within Azerbaijani society and the country’s political life is growing. Yunus attributes the phenomenon to disillusionment with both democracy and the West.  >>>>>

RIGHTS-US: Muslim Charity to Get Its Day in Court

October 11, 2008

In what appears to be another stunning legal rebuke to President George W. Bush’s policies in the “global war on terrorism”, a federal judge has blocked the government from blacklisting a Muslim-oriented charity to give the group a chance to defend itself after its assets were frozen almost three years ago. >>>>>

Three arrested over Muslim book fire

September 28, 2008

The offices of Gibson Square Books are believed to have been targeted by Islamic extremists because they are publishing a novel about the child bride of Muhammad. >>>>>

Credit Crunch ‘Will Help Islamic Banking’

September 26, 2008

With usury from loans banned by Islam, the leverage – or, more simply, the amount of money owed – by Islamic financial institutions also tends to be lower.

“Further growth of Islamic banking in the UK will also be attributed to their more conservative approach to financing, as the risks are shared with the investor…it is more difficult for Islamic financial institutions to use leverage; therefore their risk profile is naturally lower.”  >>>>>

What the West has called ‘conservative‘ seems to be radically liberal, not to mention corrupt, according to Islamic systems.  Today’s economic crises are proving this and showing how not only is it radical and corrupt; but entirely ineffective – for the masses, with an extra ‘bailout’ for the relatively few crooked.

This is a chance for Muslims to educate Westerners on some of the abuses on their own rights (in this case economic) which have caused a catastrophe that has not yet reached it’s highest pain threshold. This is not preaching; this is educating.

Usury, also known as interest (of any amount in Islam) continues to be overlooked by economic pundits as the root cause of the overall problem.  Even the founding fathers of American history warned us against it – (in case you need credible sources that are not Islamists).

At present, the bankers and U.S. Government are playing the biggest shell game with the US citizenry being the betters.  Not discussing Usury/Interest is like removing the pea from underneath all three shells.  Try to find the pea now.

Court: Monitoring Muslim visitors was legal

September 25, 2008

“One major threat of terrorist attacks comes from radical Islamic groups,” the court said. “The Sept. 11 attacks were facilitated by violations of immigration laws by aliens from predominantly Muslim nations. The program was clearly tailored to those facts.”

The program was part of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, meant to improve the monitoring of immigrants and the enforcement of immigration laws. Males from 24 Arab and predominantly Muslim countries and North Korea who were not permanent residents had to register, submit to fingerprinting and prove they were legally in the U.S.  >>>>>

Indo-Israeli Lobbies Obstruct Cultural Cooperation

September 9, 2008

However, all these measures are proving fruitless due to a deliberate anti-Muslim campaign, launched by the Indo-Israeli lobbies, creating obstacles in global cultural cooperation. America and its allies continue to kill many innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine through heavy aerial bombardment and ground shelling in the name of war on terror. The occupying forces have been using every possible technique of state terrorism in these territories which have become the breeding grounds of a prolonged interaction between freedom fighters and state terrorists, thwarting global cultural unity. >>>>>

UAE feels heat of sukuk slump

September 4, 2008

The Bahrain-based Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions ruled that bonds don’t meet religious requirements if they haven’t transferred ownership of collateral to holders. About 85 per cent of sukuk failed this test, it said. >>>>>

This is a way of saying that those in the Middle East were being sold a bag of goods.  While the slump exists, it shows two things; in the long-run, they will improve….because the potential for corruption is being minimized in this process.