October 17, 2008

All the necessary plans have been made to cause a violent eruption in the Western Provinces, the proposed building site for the American oil and gas pipelines that will save the world. Thanks to the new US/India nuclear deal, Bush now has available 150,000 Indian troops to clear-out Pakistani opposition.

The only remaining obstacle is the ongoing battle being fought at Bejaur by Pakistan, against US/Indian fake taliban. This is why the US is against Pakistan’s approach to eliminating the fake Taliban and fake al Qaida, Pakistan is eliminating the US’s henchmen.  >>>>>


Muslims need own party: Imam

October 15, 2008

Maulana Arshad Madni, chairman of Jamait Ulema-e-Hind said he could not comment on the creation of a political party since the Shahi Imam did not spell it out clearly. He added the community could look into the necessity of launching an eletronic channel for `neutral’ coverage of terror incidents. >>>>>

Cong gives facelift to its campaign, hires PR agency

October 12, 2008

The Congress seems to hope that the minorities will come back to its fold.

CNN-IBN has learnt that the party’s poll campaign will highlight the fact that associating Islam with terror attacks is not right as in the case of Jamia encounter.

The Congress has raised questions and that attacks on Christians in Orissa and Karnataka show that under the NDA, minorities are unsafe.  >>>>>

When you have to hire a public-relations firm to handle your image, there is a serious question about your behavior.

Troubled Kashmir gets first train service

October 11, 2008

SRINAGAR, India (AFP) — Indian Kashmir’s first train service hit the tracks Saturday — the fruit of an eight-year project that had to overcome the twin challenges of tough terrain and separatist violence.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh flagged off the inaugural train which carries a heavy weight of local expectation, built up by promises that the new line will help transform the volatile Kashmir Valley.  >>>>>

Kashmir shuts down in protest as Indian PM visits

October 11, 2008

SRINAGAR, India: Shops, businesses and schools were shut in the Indian portion of Kashmir on Saturday to protest a visit by the Indian prime minister to the disputed Himalayan region.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in the region to inaugurate its first train line and meet with pro-Indian political parties.  >>>>>

Intolerant India from Sikhophobia to Islamophobia and now Christophobia

October 9, 2008

Islamophobia and Sikhophobia are creations of state agencies unable to build a response to the fight for rights and fundamental freedoms and Christophobia has been started by fascist forces unable to tolerate equality and reduction in their ranks and is abetted by the state through silence and complicity.  >>>>>

And this is the country that Israel is conspiring with to promote their nationalist theocracies?  And if this is the case, why would Christians help either Israel or India?  Why do refer to both of them as democracies?  Why do Christians from other parts of the world not recognize that both Israel and India officially and theocratically reject the notion of Jesus–whereas ironically so, Muslims revere him and his mother, the Virgin Mary? 

India and Israel don’t add up to a Christian response against Islam

October 7, 2008

Hindutva groups are meeting Zionist organizations to learn about strategies to advance religious nationalist agendas and suppress any criticism of their political movements.

These U.S.-based groups have helped strengthen India-Israel ties and propagate the notion that Hindu and Jewish Americans are victims of a common enemy defined as “Islamic terrorism,” for example, through organizations such as Democracies against Terror which is an alliance of Zionist and Hindutva activists based in Fremont, Calif.

In response to the linked article:  India Loses Her Palestinian Heart and Gains a Calculating Israeli Mind

The problem with this type of thinking is that eventually, the practicing Jewish and Hindus will be met with a logical argument about their respective fundamental beliefs.  The Jews believe in monotheism, as do Muslims and Christians.  Hindus believe in polytheism, a clear antithesis to all three of the Abrahamic faiths.

Since there is a posturing by the Zionists and Evangelical Christians to set up the stage for the ‘end of time,’ then this political move will speak volumes as to which side each group is expected to be on.  If the belief is that during Armageddon, there will be a war against the non-believers; the polytheistic Hindus, would clearly be amongst those on the side against the God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims-at least in theory. Correct?

This alliance may be what causes the true-believing Christians and Jews will gain faith and shift their loyalties in greater mass away from the pro-Zionist, pro-nationalist cause.  Then those racing up to this expected phase in God’s plan will start to realize the earthly plan may not be in accordance to what each respective religious group believes its respective God wants.  And if these groups are desiring to move collectively with their religious-nationalist agendas; then why is it bad for Muslims to discuss the same in political discourse without being labeled as Islamo-Fascist?  Why would the U.S. support this non-secular position unless it is somehow blackmailed into doing so?

This agenda does not bode well for the world in general.  Israel has a present stockpile of nuclear weapons without complying to the same standards countries that don’t have nuclear weapons do comply with.  But now the U.S. and Israel are supporting India’s right to seek out such weapons.  That fact alone should bring alarm to all countries around the world – especially Pakistan, Iran and countries with significant Muslim populations – that there is a far greater sense of geopolitical hypocrisy that may just blow up in the very faces of those creating this mess.

Unfortunately, most countries in the game tend to believe that their agenda is well in-line with God’s plan, even if it is contrary to what God Himself has directed them, according to their own respective scriptures.