Under Bush, US Influence in Latin America is Receding Before High Tide

October 12, 2008

The United States has also long served as chief educator to Latin America’s elite. Correa is among its presidents with a U.S. graduate degree – though that didn’t stop him from accusing the CIA of infiltrating his military, or refusing to renew a lease for U.S. counterdrug missions to fly out of Ecuador.

With the U.S. facing its own financial crisis, it’s unlikely to be able to leverage economic influence in Latin America anytime soon. Sen. Barack Obama’s senior adviser on Latin America, Dan Restrepo, acknowledges that his candidate is essentially proposing a symbolic shift in style – albeit adding a special White House envoy for the Americas. (In response to “US Influence in Latin America Wanes”):

Which is why false-flag operations would not be a surprise in the region aside from what has been conspired with regards to regional parties; for only the U.S. and Israel have a track record for containing the rise of the supposed “Islamo-Fascists.”  There are many Muslim and/or Arab enclaves in South and Central America.  The overwhelming majority have absolutely no Islamist-agenda within the respective countries they live.  Yet it would not take too much to get public opinion against this, while at the same time showing Latinos that the U.S. is still needed to champion ‘democracy and freedom’– just as the U.S. was needed to infiltrate and control select countries by way of the Drug Trade, and let’s not forget our own colonial history in the region.


ITALY AND LIBYA – Elegant colonialism

September 9, 2008

History for many in the West – especially the history of West’s colonialism and imperialism in Asia, the Middle East and Africa – is something to skim through in a high school class, and then to relegate to the past as irrelevant to today’s conflicts and tensions. For many people in the former colonized world, however, history is a deep and open wound that still oozes pain and distortion. Libya is a classic example of colonialism’s twisted and enduring legacy of nearly dysfunctional states governed by corrupt and often incompetent elites, whose people never have a chance to validate either the configuration of statehood or the exercise of power. >>>>>

Ahmadinejad Hails Bolivia’s Morales as `Revolutionary’ Ally

September 2, 2008

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seeking support from Latin American nations for the Islamic state’s nuclear stance, told his Bolivian counterpart their two countries are “revolutionary” allies.

“The governments of Iran and Bolivia are natural allies and will remain supportive of one another under any circumstances,” Ahmadinejad told Evo Morales during a meeting in Tehran yesterday, according to Iran’s state-run Press TV.  >>>>>

Honorable Exit From Empire

July 29, 2008

… Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government wants a status of forces agreement with a timetable for full withdrawal of U.S. troops. Is it not time to say yes, to declare that full withdrawal is our goal as well, that the United States seeks no permanent bases in Iraq?  >>>>>

Now this is a right-wing, Catholic (Christian), Conservative Republican, who doesn’t allow his party to dictate his morality.  Here is an example of honor.  Give credit where credit is due.