AZERBAIJAN: State still deprives Muslims of mosque and Baptists of pastor

October 17, 2008

Azerbaijan continues to maintain the closure of Baku’s Abu-Bekr Mosque, Forum 18 News Service has found. The closure was imposed after a 17 August bomb attack on the mosque, and a nationwide “temporary” ban – still in force – on people praying outside mosques was also imposed. The authorities have caught the alleged attackers, but “the decision not to allow the mosque to reopen offends the community,” Imam Gamet Suleymanov told Forum 18. The ordinary police, the Interior Ministry, the Prosecutor’s Office, the National Security Ministry (NSM) secret police, and the State Committee for Work with Religious Organisations all deny that their agency is responsible. Similarly, the authorities also refuse to release the text of the ban on praying outside mosques. Elsewhere, Baptist prisoner of conscience Hamid Shabanov remains in jail, with his latest detention period due to end on 21 October. It is unclear what the authorities plan to do, even though he is held on charges his church and family insist are fabricated. >>>>>


Public At Last Guantánamo’s SERE Standard Operating Procedures

October 14, 2008

One of the most important documents of the U.S. torture program has just become publicly available for the first time. This is the JTF GTMO “SERE” Interrogation Standard Operating Procedure, now posted on the website of the new documentary, Torturing Democracy. This document clearly specifies that the abusive interrogation techniques to be used at Guantamo [JTF GTMO] are based upon the military’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape [SERE] program. The document is notable for its documentation of the extent to which abuse was bureaucratically standardized for routineuse.

Britain withdraws terror detention law after defeat

October 13, 2008

The British government on Monday withdrew a plan to extend the time suspected violent extremists can be held without charge after the House of Lords voted against it.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she would remove plans to extend the limit from 28 to 42 days from a proposed counter-terrorism bill, but could re-introduce the measure in a separate law at a later date.  >>>>>

It seems like they are stuck with only four weeks for torturing and conjuring up phony charges to continue justifying their participation in this War on Terror.

Troop pull-out leaves government on brink

October 12, 2008

The US must now be wondering whether it was all worth it. Western backing for the unpopular Somali government and US support for the Ethiopian intervention has created a groundswell of anti-West sentiment in Somalia.

The Islamist leaders they were so keen to oust are the same ones they are now engaged in negotiations with. US officials have met both Sheikh Sharif and the more hardline Sheikh Aweys in an effort to find a peace deal.

Meanwhile, in Somalia, the Islamists taking control of towns and villages across the country are considered far more extremist than Aweys. “They are real international jihadis,” said one Nairobi-based diplomat. “The Americans’ fear of al-Qaeda in Somalia is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.”  >>>>>

Islamic Congress responds to British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal’s decision on Human Rights Complaints filed against Maclean’s

October 11, 2008
According to Joseph, the Tribunal also notes in paragraphs 94 and 151 of
its ruling that the Maclean's article contributed to the hatred and contempt
of Muslims expressed by "several Internet blogs...which included calls to
exterminate European Muslims with DDT because they were multiplying like
mosquitoes, calls for an end to Muslim immigration, and calls for enough
bullets or nuclear bombs to eliminate the Muslim problem."  >>>>>

Freed Sudanese Detainee Tells of Torture at Guantanamo

October 10, 2008

At a press conference he held Thursday at the premises of the International Civil Aid Organisation in Khartoum, Mr Mustafa said that he went to Pakistan for education and trade, but he and others were arrested after the incidents of September 11 by local elements in Pakistan and were handed over to the American forces.

He said that they were then transported to Guantanamo prison where several aspects of torture had been inflicted on them, adding that no one can avoid torture unless he says that he had participated in the war against the Americans.  >>>>>

Intolerant India from Sikhophobia to Islamophobia and now Christophobia

October 9, 2008

Islamophobia and Sikhophobia are creations of state agencies unable to build a response to the fight for rights and fundamental freedoms and Christophobia has been started by fascist forces unable to tolerate equality and reduction in their ranks and is abetted by the state through silence and complicity.  >>>>>

And this is the country that Israel is conspiring with to promote their nationalist theocracies?  And if this is the case, why would Christians help either Israel or India?  Why do refer to both of them as democracies?  Why do Christians from other parts of the world not recognize that both Israel and India officially and theocratically reject the notion of Jesus–whereas ironically so, Muslims revere him and his mother, the Virgin Mary?