Fatah student leaders in Gaza Strip announce ‘state of alert’

October 17, 2008

Students called upon the Palestinian people to “stand together” to protect the university in Gaza City from “attacks by the Islamic bloc.”

The Fatah students also accused Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, of being responsible for attacks against students and workers at the university earlier this week, according to the statement.  >>>>>

It seems as if the pitting against a people against themselves is working.  Unless there is truly representation of honest-brokering, the fear is that the Palestinians will be doing the Israelis a favor by destroying themselves.

Arab media report: Israel ready to comply with Hamas demands

October 16, 2008

According to the Saudi Arabian newspaper Ukaz, the top Israeli negotiator, Amos Gilad, informed an unnamed Palestinian source that Israel is ready to free all of the prisoners demanded by the Hamas party in exchange for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Gilad’s office denied the report.  >>>>>

Prudent economics – “Replace capitalism with Islamic financial system,” says cleric

October 12, 2008

In response to: Replace capitalism with Islamic financial system: cleric

“The collapse of the capitalist system based on usury and paper and not on goods traded on the market is proof that it is in crisis and shows that Islamic economic philosophy is holding up,” said the Egyptian-born, Qatar-based cleric.

“The Western system has collapsed and we have a complete economic philosophy as well as spiritual strength,” he said at Sunday’s opening of a conference on Jerusalem. >>>>>

In an economic “system based on usury and paper and not on goods traded on the market” the borrower, (the average Westerner), is in a state of crisis from the signing of the contract.  The primary reason why many Western experts oppose this, is not because of the name Islam, but because Muslims are amongst the primary whistle-blowers about the inevitability of unjust economic enslavement of the average person.

Those who stand to benefit in a system that practices usury/interest are amongst the primary public-relations representative and co-conspirators of establishing a state of Islamophobia.

Take away the label of Islam, and deal with pure mathematics, logic, social conscience and justice — and the Islamic economic system is no doubt superior to capitalism and communism – put together.

Like the term ‘democracy,’ ‘capitalism’ is purported as great, but in practice is not even applied by the people who champion the cause.

Playing Palestinians off Against Each Other

October 7, 2008

Now, however, and judging by its behavior, Israel seems comfortable with Hamas’ control over Gaza. In addition to undermining Palestinian aspirations for independence and statehood, the split between Hamas in Gaza and Fateh in the West Bank is causing each to compete with the other over who can better prevent Palestinian violence against Israel. The split, moreover, and Hamas’ control over Gaza are reducing international pressure on Israel. Israel is thus free to continue its violations of international law, avoiding its responsibility to implement United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, expanding and building more illegal Jewish settlements in occupied territory and maintaining its draconian and inhuman closure policies in both the West Bank and on Gaza.  >>>>>

Tunnels feed besieged Gaza

October 6, 2008

Hundreds of tunnels under the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt are keeping many of the Palestinian territory’s 1.5 million impoverished residents supplied with food and fuel.

On Saturday, Egyptian authorities found the entrances of three tunnels and confiscated a large amount of fuel about to be smuggled into the territory.  >>>>>

US appeals NJ Muslim cleric immigration case

October 3, 2008

Qatanani, 44, won his fight to gain permanent U.S. residency in September, when a federal immigration judge determined the government’s case against the Palestinian was too weak to prove he had any ties to extremist groups.  The ruling would allow Qatanani and his family to remain in the country and eventually be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Immigration Judge Alberto J. Riefkohl questioned the reliability of the records submitted by the Department of Homeland Security purporting to show Qatanani’s arrest and conviction in Israel.  >>>>>

Hamas releases 35 imprisoned Fatah members to mark Muslim holiday

September 29, 2008

Hamas released 35 imprisoned Fatah members on Sunday as a goodwill gesture to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr and bolster Egyptian-mediated reconciliation efforts, Hamas spokesman Ehab el-Ghsain told Reuters.

Mohammed al-Qidwa, who was the governor of Gaza before the Hamas takeover in June 2007, was among those released. “Political arrests in all Palestinian Authority areas must end,” Qidwa told Reuters after he left prison. >>>>>