Father, forgive me, I will not fight for your Israel

October 13, 2008

And when you told your father? “Dad was astonished and angry that I had been there and endangered my life. After that we had conversations. He supported me as his daughter and we have a good relationship, but he is decidedly opposed to what I do and even more to my refusal to serve in the army.

“At first he thought this was a passing phase of adolescence and later he understood that this is coming from a place deep inside me. He and I have very similar characters. I, too, fight to the end for what I believe in. But we are opposites ideologically.” >>>>>

It’s worth repeating…She is a perfect example of why Muslims should not be hating any one group of people. She has made a decision of conscience. It is a brave one that places her morals above her nation’s call of duty. May she receive the blessings and protection for her decision.


Khudari deplores Israel for barring doctors from entering Gaza

October 9, 2008

GAZA, (PIC)– MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, strongly denounced Wednesday the IOA for barring a medical delegation from the 1948 occupied lands from entering the Gaza Strip, saying that Israel wants to prevent any efforts to help the Gaza people.

In a press release received by the PIC, MP Khudari stated that the delegation is from the organization of physicians for human rights and was intending to perform surgeries and provide medical consultations for patients. >>>>>

Playing Palestinians off Against Each Other

October 7, 2008

Now, however, and judging by its behavior, Israel seems comfortable with Hamas’ control over Gaza. In addition to undermining Palestinian aspirations for independence and statehood, the split between Hamas in Gaza and Fateh in the West Bank is causing each to compete with the other over who can better prevent Palestinian violence against Israel. The split, moreover, and Hamas’ control over Gaza are reducing international pressure on Israel. Israel is thus free to continue its violations of international law, avoiding its responsibility to implement United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, expanding and building more illegal Jewish settlements in occupied territory and maintaining its draconian and inhuman closure policies in both the West Bank and on Gaza.  >>>>>

Hamas releases 35 imprisoned Fatah members to mark Muslim holiday

September 29, 2008

Hamas released 35 imprisoned Fatah members on Sunday as a goodwill gesture to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr and bolster Egyptian-mediated reconciliation efforts, Hamas spokesman Ehab el-Ghsain told Reuters.

Mohammed al-Qidwa, who was the governor of Gaza before the Hamas takeover in June 2007, was among those released. “Political arrests in all Palestinian Authority areas must end,” Qidwa told Reuters after he left prison. >>>>>

Islamic Jihad says in preparation for post-ceasefire phase

September 28, 2008

The armed wing of Islamic Jihad movement on Saturday said it was in preparation for the post-ceasefire era since a Hamas-Israel truce is near collapse. “The military training and maneuvers are part of preparations for post-ceasefire phase,” a spokesman for al-Quds Brigades, the movement’s military wing, said in Gaza city. >>>>>

Palestine: From bad to wretched

September 24, 2008

Nonetheless, even if the Palestinian Authority had no history of corruption and genuinely intended to invest in a sustainable economy, no truly free and independent economy can flourish under occupation, whose very intention is the disempowerment of Palestinian workers, farmers and the middle class. It’s these strata of Palestinian society that have led the struggle to end the occupation on one hand and to resist local corruption on the other.  >>>>>

“…intention is the disempowerment of Palestinian workers, farmers and the middle class.” Americans of all races and religions are at the beginning stages of what the Palestinians are going through.  The common denominator has to be discovered, accepted and eradicated.

Al-Khudari: Israel destroying Gaza industrial sector; 70 million USD in losses per month

September 8, 2008

These facts are evidence of an Israeli plan to paralyze one of the pillars of Palestinian national economy, said Al-Khudari, and is an effort to “change the Palestinian people from a producing people into a consuming people who will spend the rest of their life living on international charities.”

“Israel is changing the Gaza Strip into a big prison depriving it from all means of self-dependence or job opportunities,” he added. The actions, he added, violate international law and the Geneva Convention.  >>>>>