Teachers warned to be on alert for pupils at risk of falling prey to extremism

October 13, 2008

Christine Blower, acting general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), said that for the objectives of the guidance to be achieved, trust had to be maintained in schools.

She said: “No teacher will ignore obvious information about a specific, real threat, but it is vital that teachers are able to discuss with and listen to pupils, without feeling that they have to report every word.”  >>>>>


Altaf Hussain calls on USA to respect Pakistan border

October 5, 2008

He said each time USA fires a missile into Pakistan territory, it wins more support for the Taliban and exacerbate the already dangerous situation.

The MQM leader praised the armed forces of Pakistan for bolding facing the challenge posed by Taliban and said the people are fully behind them.  “Our people and armed forces will fight against religious extremists and Taliban who are destroying the life and property of all Pakistanis.” >>>>>

That is precisely what the U.S. wants him to say.  The question is, who gets to label what is extremism?

MK Eldad to screen anti-Islam movie ‘Fitna’ in press conference Wednesday

September 2, 2008

MK Arye Eldad (NU/NRP) is set to show a controversial Dutch film about Islam, which describes the Koran as a source of intolerance, murder and terror, during a press conference on Wednesday.

If something is being hard-sold in the media, chances are it is more fictional and propaganda than not.  Most of the Islamic extremism reported in the media happens to be later be proven false.   It also happens to be the pro-nationalistic stance that ignores truth and justice to sell war and keep the populous at bay.  It also ignores the very projected extremism by virtually all other ideologies not in line with them; even if the ideologies share and are congruent with their own.

People are dying!  Sovereign states are falling, or at least are diminishing in their own economies and service to their people because they are put in a position to defend themselves.  The typical talking head, news production crew and otherwise are clearly complicit.  The UN has become as effective in stopping this just as the courts systems are more cruel to the impoverished than those with money.

They are produced by people who are Islamophobic and the content can be figured out by reading the credits alone.  One could wake up in the morning, turn on their talk show host and pretty much figure out his or her position on a matter before commentary starts.  This should raise many eyebrows.

If the truth needs to be sold by these high-profile sales people we call the media, then it is likely not the truth.  While Muslims are on the defense for things they have not done, notice how Muslims tend not to produce in the media the horrors of how other faiths attack them and publicize such — even when it’s true.  Western culture has exploited this detail of the character of the Muslim community.

When things are  said and done, “Allah is the best of planners.”

Joy on streets of Pakistan – but not in the US – as Musharraf resigns

August 19, 2008
THE “war on terror” lost a staunch ally yesterday, when Pervez Musharraf resigned as president of Pakistan to avoid a looming battle to impeach him. The mood in the country was jubilant, with crowds dancing in the streets of Lahore and chanting “Musharraf out!”, a refrain heard often in recent weeks. However, the former dictator’s departure has sparked fears that Pakistan’s next leader may not forge such close partnerships with the United States in the fight against terrorism. >>>>>
In this article, we are painting Musharraf as a U.S. ally, and clearly calling him a dictator. Is this not conceivable in the minds of the masses?

Mauritania coup chief holds rally

August 18, 2008

…The coup has also been backed by the majority of the country’s politicians.   >>>>>

Maybe according to the majority of the country’s politicians, presently in office – POST COUP.  But according to the most recent elections, prior to the coup — the PEOPLE spoke otherwise.  That’s part of the problem with our understanding of democracy – it’s kind of like statistics…we tend to spin matters to subsets of people (numbers), manipulating other variables in order to justify the ‘new official position.’   We are forgetting about an element greater than that of the label of democracy itself….the rule of law. 

Would Americans accept it if a “…coup has also been backed by the majority of the country’s politicians?”  Not too hot of an idea, I take it.  If a coup successfully took place in a country, do you really believe those against the coup would be open to voice their opinion?  Didn’t think so on this one either?  Power is respected more than democracy itself.