BOOK EXPOSES UNSEEN ENEMY IN THE CHURCH: Author Andrew Michael Teneriello releases ‘Blinded by the Devil.’

September 24, 2008

The book exposes readers to an enemy they cannot see, one who he says is controlling many of the Christian churches today with their own form of doctrine that corrupts the words of the New Testament.

In the book he lists the churches he feels are operating in darkness as well as the criteria for these churches. He tells the reader how they can be set free, through the power of God. >>>>>

Hopefully it would include the War on Terror, which has caused many Christians and Jews to knowingly and unknowingly kill many others from the People of the Book, based on the corrupted understanding of Old and New Testament interpretations. This is, without a doubt, amongst the biggest crimes against humanity of those whose purposes are ‘Judeo-Christian’, shaded by secularist identity, people(s).


Across U.S., church leaders have been calling for reform — or is it “jihad?”

August 22, 2008

Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin’s criticism of U.S. immigration policy and his condemnation of recent raids reflect the views of Catholic bishops and other religious leaders around the country — and of Pope Benedict XVI, who called for immigration reform in his visit to the United States this spring.

Some churches have gone further, offering sanctuary to illegal immigrants facing arrest by ICE agents.  >>>>>

When it’s a bishop calling for change, it’s reform; when it’s an imam (Muslim clergyman), it is called jihad.  Only Muslims are accused of not liking our way of life.  The bishop doesn’t like what is happening in the U.S., and is willing to call on people to commit crimes to prevent the injustices.  When Muslims say, you’re “killing us, please stop,” – Americans waged war (i.e. – Afghanistan, Iraq). 

The perpetrators of the war(s) are not only seeking oil; they’re counting on reducing their chances for future political, cultural and even military incursions by Muslims that may compel the efforts of imperialism.  No offense to the Catholics.  Your actions, which may be illegal, are understood to be humanitarian in nature; hopefully the government will not use this as an excuse to close down churches.

This is not a war against the Islamic world.  This is a war against the believing people – fought on many fronts.  The world is shaping up as prophesied; the believers against non-believers.  The believers are those who want to do by God – I see them as religious practitioners.  The falsehoods of those practitioners who are waging crimes against humanity are not going unnoticed.  Our global diary clerk, the UN, human rights organizations, churches, mosques, synagogues and temples all over the world have people who see the atrocities and have spoken out — at least with their prayers.

US church ‘killer’ wrote of hate

July 29, 2008

A man accused of shooting dead two people in a Tennessee church was motivated by hatred of liberals and anger at being jobless, US police say. >>>>>


Is it fair to call this man a Christian, anti-secular, terrorist?  the word “terrorism” seems to be reserved for Muslims who are accused.  It should be applied to the act and viewed upon as lady justice views – blindfolded.

Relatives of televangelist prosper

July 27, 2008

…which claims more than 600,000 subscribers in 134 countries to its flagship “Believers Voice of Victory” magazine.  The board of directors signs off on important matters, they say.  Yet church bylaws gives Copeland veto power over board decisions. >>>>>


 Funny thing, just today, I received a comment from someone wondering why I wanted to come (immigrate) and evangelize in his country (U.S.).  Why is it okay for evangelicals to go to other countries and do what they don’t want done here?

If this pastor were a Muslim, the church (mosque) would have been shut down, the mansion, plane and website would have been invaded and seized, as well as all other assets; and he would be accused of spreading terrorism through his writings