Bush Decides to Keep Guantánamo Open

October 21, 2008

WASHINGTON — Despite his stated desire to close the American prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, President Bush has decided not to do so, and never considered proposals drafted in the State Department and the Pentagon that outlined options for transferring the detainees elsewhere, according to senior administration officials.  >>>>>>

Report: Bush Exceeded Power by Withholding Cheney Comments

October 15, 2008

The president’s decision to withhold the interview transcript from the committee in July “was legally unprecedented and an inappropriate use of executive privilege,” the report said.

The committee is investigating what role Cheney may have had in the leak of Plame’s work in 2003. Her husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, had questioned evidence used to justify the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  >>>>>

Bush, McCain abuse their legacy

October 9, 2008

I am not a conventionally religious man, or even a very superstitious one, but I do wish George W. Bush would stop asking God to bless America.  Every time he does, we seem to be visited with another plague, suggesting divine wrath over our president’s evil ways. How else to explain the persistent calamity that has marked this administration: a pointless but very costly war over nonexistent Iraqi WMD, the destruction by flood of New Orleans, the betrayal of the nation by the moneychangers – from Enron to Goldman Sachs – who Bush welcomed into the temple of the White House?  >>>>>

Cross-border raids in tribal belt not aiding war on terror:Pak

October 1, 2008

Pakistan Premier Yousuf Raza Gilani today cautioned that incursions in the tribal belt by the US-led forces from Afghanistan would compound the problem of terrorism instead of resolving it and said his country would fight the menace in the restive region on its own.

Gilani told US Ambassador Anne Patterson, whom he met in his official residence here, that these incursions were detrimental to stemming terrorism in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. >>>>>

Report: Gonzo Told Investigators That Bush Directed Him To Ashcroft’s Hospital Bed

September 29, 2008

Murray Waas reports on the website of the Atlantic that Alberto Gonzales is now telling investigators that he was being personally directed by President Bush when, as White House counsel, Gonzales made a much-discussed late-night visit in 2004 to the hospital room of then Attorney General John Ashcroft, in order to get Ashcroft to certify that the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program was legal.  >>>>>

Bush saved Iran from Israel’s counter-nuke strike – report

September 26, 2008

Israel asked George W. Bush for his blessing of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities during his visit to the Jewish state this May, reports the Guardian, but the U.S. leader rejected the move and said his position won’t change for the rest of his presidency. >>>>>

US Navy reinforces presence in Afghanistan

September 25, 2008

This month, George W Bush, the US president, said he would be sending an additional 4,500 soldiers to Afghanistan while pulling 8,000 US troops from Iraq as a result of the security gains there.All the while the US Navy has been increasing its efforts to support the coalition troops operating in Afghanistan. >>>>>