Muqtada al-Sadr urges rejection of US-Iraqi pact

October 19, 2008

Waving Iraqi flags and green Shiite banners, protesters chanted slogans condemning the pact. The demonstration in the mostly Shiite eastern part of Baghdad was staged under tight security, with soldiers and police manning checkpoints along the route.

“I am with every Sunni, Shiite or Christian who is opposed to the agreement … and I reject, condemn and renounce the presence of occupying forces and bases on our beloved land,” al-Sadr said in a message read to the crowd by a senior aide.  >>>>>

This demonstration is in Baghdad; where the US has purportedly given them freedom.  There are many in the West who don’t believe that Christians are opposed to anything related to the U.S. occupation.  Very few asked the Christians in Iraq or anti-War activists of the West.


Iraq War Appears Over in Most Provinces, Pentagon Data Show

October 17, 2008

As a result of the troop surge throughout 2007 and the “awakening” in the Anbar Province, al Qaeda operatives apparently have been ejected from former strongholds in the Baghdad Province and the Anbar Province. Military campaigns directed against al Qaeda are now focused in the northern-most regions of Iraq.  >>>>>

Islamic conference condemns attacks on Iraqi Christians

October 15, 2008

The Organization of the Islamic Conference has condemned the violence against the Christians of Mosul, “unprecedented in the history of Iraq.” Ekmeleddin Ihasanoglul, president of the organization that includes 57 Muslim countries, has called upon Baghdad authorities to “prosecute the culprits who are behind these acts, to end the suffering of Christian brothers and provide them with protection.” Ihasanoglul also recalled that the OIC always urges “respect for minorities in the Muslim world.” >>>>>

Now that Muslims have condemned the violence against the 1,500 Christians of Mosul by unknown assailants that took place recently; can we please get the Christians to condemn the violence against the rest of the Iraqi population, perpetrated by the 400,000 plus Judeo-Christian force within the last 5 years?

More than 10,000 Iraqi Christians protest in Iraq’s Dahuk

October 3, 2008

Baghdad – More than 10,000 Iraqi Christians demonstrated Thursday in the northern Dahuk province, demanding self-rule in their area and restoration of a clause in the new elections law that would guarantee their representation in provincial councils. >>>>>

The game of divide and conquer continues in Iraq.  Iraq was a secular nation during the time of Saddam Hussein.  It appears that until the U.S. invaded, Iraqis were under one national, and even non-religious banner.  Now, there are several minority groups seeking independence, based on religion.  I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, seeing as the U.S. is a natural broker in the region.  Even if the Christians ever did get their way to be self-ruled, the secular powers that are guiding it right now would never let them be as sovereign as they hope for.

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents

October 3, 2008
Weapon in picture is not what is claimed in the story.  The focal point should be Blackwater's role, which is probably as low as the U.S. role, in Iraq.

Weapon in picture is not what is claimed in the story. The focal point should be Blackwater

The incident, in 2006, has been kept secret until now but it raised more questions about Blackwater’s operations in Iraq.

Allegations that Blackwater shipped weapons and silencers to Iraq without proper licensing are already under investigation by a federal grand jury in North Carolina, according to people familiar with the case. >>>>>

This being part of false-flag operations should also be a part of the investigation as well as public discussion.  We are inching closer to the realization of exposure of evidence that indicates false flag and other less than honorable strategies used against the Iraqis in order to keep them in a state of war.  Keep this in mind as the U.S. continues to utilize troops to help quell civil unrest in this nation.  Blackwater, and contractors like it, are not officially considered troops.  Any percentage of the hundreds of thousands that are already in Iraq make it to our streets make for a very bad combination.

Blackwater is an actual mercenary group sanctioned by the U.S. government, that doesn’t have to abide by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, is ignored most of the time when shirking international laws and sovereign laws of the nation they are occupying, as well as unenforced U.S. laws.  The paving of the road for the New World Order will be done in part with their arms.

U.S. Begins Transferring Control of Sunni Militias to Iraqi Government

October 1, 2008

The Iraqi government on Wednesday began assuming control of the U.S.-backed armed groups that have helped curtail violence here, in a high-stakes test for the American strategy to stabilize Iraq.

Iraqi authorities officially took command of about 54,000 so-called Sons of Iraq in the Baghdad area on Wednesday, and U.S. officials say they will transfer authority over additional members of the groups as conditions permit. >>>>>

U.S. gives Iraqi forces control of Anbar province

September 1, 2008

Security surrounding the ceremony and the lack of advance publicity for the event underscored concerns about what both U.S. and Iraqi officials acknowledge is the delicate nature of Anbar’s relative calm. So did some of the speeches, which alluded to political tensions involving Anbar’s Sunni Muslim tribal leaders, its political bosses, and Iraq’s Shiite-led central government. >>>>>

Any civil unrest has a direct correlation to the occupation.