Elderly Israeli killed in Jerusalem terror stabbing

October 23, 2008

As he tried to escape the scene, the terrorist stopped long enough to plunge his knife into the chest of an elderly pedestrian. Emergency resuscitation efforts by ambulance crews failed.

Despite his own wounds, the police officer managed to shoot the attacker several times. Another passerby then overpowered the injured terrorist.   >>>>>

While there is no doubt that stabbing a man in the chest is an act of terror; this short article uses the word terror/terrorist four times to identify a criminal act.  The problem is that the word ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ is not typically used by any newspaper around the world for individual crimes against another.  The same newspaper does not report Israeli-on-Arab or Jew-on-Muslim attacks as acts of terror.  This kind of bias only helps to create a further divide of the people and is a dangerous precedent in reporting.

Without realizing it, it has become common place to label anything an Arab or Muslim does, alleged or actual, as an act of terror.  This type of journalism allows for even non-Muslims who are against the Israeli apartheid and global agenda to continue to hold disdain for those Israel considers its ardent enemies – Arabs and Muslims.  Tsk, tsk.

Israeli Revealed as owner of South Sudan bound weapons ship

October 22, 2008

Registration documents gathered by BBC included the confirmation that the ship hijacked by Somalia pirates belonged to a Jewish investor residing in the self proclaimed state of Israel, and not a Ukrainian ship…

For many years, the Khartoum based Sudan government accused Israel of supplying arms and providing training to South Sudan rebels. Kenya is now proofed to be providing the logistical support for arms shipment to South Sudan, a role similar to Chad’s support given to Darfur rebels which has caused the two countries to be in a state of war against each other.  >>>>>

There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim — It’s wrong to think so

October 21, 2008

So Kudos to McCain for correcting a false statement. Barack Obama is indeed, not an Arab. That’s where my praise ends, and my issue begins. His ‘answer’ to this misguided woman made it sound like there’s a difference between being an Arab and being a decent family man… citizen. The two are not mutually exclusive. >>>>>

Arab media report: Israel ready to comply with Hamas demands

October 16, 2008

According to the Saudi Arabian newspaper Ukaz, the top Israeli negotiator, Amos Gilad, informed an unnamed Palestinian source that Israel is ready to free all of the prisoners demanded by the Hamas party in exchange for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Gilad’s office denied the report.  >>>>>

Under Bush, US Influence in Latin America is Receding Before High Tide

October 12, 2008

The United States has also long served as chief educator to Latin America’s elite. Correa is among its presidents with a U.S. graduate degree – though that didn’t stop him from accusing the CIA of infiltrating his military, or refusing to renew a lease for U.S. counterdrug missions to fly out of Ecuador.

With the U.S. facing its own financial crisis, it’s unlikely to be able to leverage economic influence in Latin America anytime soon. Sen. Barack Obama’s senior adviser on Latin America, Dan Restrepo, acknowledges that his candidate is essentially proposing a symbolic shift in style – albeit adding a special White House envoy for the Americas. (In response to “US Influence in Latin America Wanes”):

Which is why false-flag operations would not be a surprise in the region aside from what has been conspired with regards to regional parties; for only the U.S. and Israel have a track record for containing the rise of the supposed “Islamo-Fascists.”  There are many Muslim and/or Arab enclaves in South and Central America.  The overwhelming majority have absolutely no Islamist-agenda within the respective countries they live.  Yet it would not take too much to get public opinion against this, while at the same time showing Latinos that the U.S. is still needed to champion ‘democracy and freedom’– just as the U.S. was needed to infiltrate and control select countries by way of the Drug Trade, and let’s not forget our own colonial history in the region.

Extremists attack several Arab homes in Akka; more Israeli right wingers are flocking into the city

October 12, 2008


Extremist Jewish rioters continued their attacks against Arab homes and property in Akka, especially in the Eastern neighborhood. Eyewitnesses reported that the attack was more violent than yesterday and that the mobs are surrounding an Arab home.

Dozens of Arab residents of Akka warned that hundreds of Jewish residents from Akka and different parts of the country could carry crimes that could lead to losses in lives, and slammed the police for practically begging the attackers to leave.

Celebrating criminality

October 11, 2008

“He’s the man who has only done good deeds… He’s the person who is famed for cutting off Palestinians’ heads with a Japanese knife… He’s the man who was born with a knife between his teeth… He’s the head of Mossad, Meir Dagan!” The hall thundered with applause when Rozin announced Dagan as man of the year…

All the journalists who have written on Mossad under Dagan have told how taken Olmert is with the list of operations executed by Mossad. These journalists report that Dagan goes to Olmert’s office every Thursday carrying a list of operations he wants Olmert to approve, and that Olmert approves all of Dagan’s proposals. There is consensus in Israel that Dagan is currently the most influential personality among decision-makers in Tel Aviv, and that due to his achievements, Olmert has twice insisted that his term as head of Mossad be extended.  >>>>>

Islam, Arab-Muslim world in American electoral speech

October 10, 2008

The marginalisation of Islam and Muslims has been spreading industry in the United States since the September 11, 2001 attacks. It lives on the relative ignorance of the American people in international issues and their sometimes strange relationship to the otherness, this ambivalent and complex relation with the other.

Among Republicans, this policy of fear is one of the major components of the winning electoral strategy since the departure of Bill Clinton. Charlie Black, one of McCain’s gurus, said in the June issue of Forbes magazine that “what we would need, is a good attack”.

In substance, it would be enough to have real or made-up terrorist attacks against American interests for the popularity of the republican candidate to pick up again.  >>>>>

Egyptians Challenge BBC Al-Qaida Poll Result

October 4, 2008

Despite this evidence, Egyptians simply are not buying it. Many here argue that these surveys often skew actual evidence to the contrary.

“Egyptians do not understand what al-Qaida truly is,” began a freelance journalist who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, “so when someone asks people here how they view the organization many will indeed say they support or view them favorably.”

The journalist believed this is due to a lack of information. For example, she talked about how it was not until watching a large amount of Western news sources – including CNN and the BBC – did she become aware of the full intentions of the terror network.  >>>>>

In other words, it is not that the journalist is unaware of reality, it’s just that the journalist here had not been brainwashed about al-Qaeda until watching CNN and BBC.  Many people have a different take on al-Qaeda because the news in the Middle East happens to be a lot less editorialized and inclusive of fantasy and fiction.

There is a lot more objectivity and accountability for what one rights.  The people of these lands have far less exposure to news such as the Western addiction to 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week, up-to-date news viewing and commentary.

Even CNN and CNN International do not cover the same things, nor do they cover the same news item the same way. The Westerners believe that they have better news coverage than anything else in the world; but other news organizations around the world would probably say something to the effect that “‘frame-for-frame’, and ‘reel-for real,’ they are far better because there is more objective news whereby journalists are more accountable.  Heck, most major news sources can point to their adversary and show how ‘they are not real news sources,’ for a host of reasons.

The people around the world are paying attention to the differences, quality and content of information they are getting.

Incidentally, Egyptians are Arabs, and therefore, includes a great amount of Christians as well, all living in a secular, not religious society.  Many Westerners fail to recognize this point, as they fail to recognize that the largest religious group of Arabs in the U.S. are Christian, and not Muslim.  This poll includes Christians is my point. (In case readers point to ‘those people’ would naturally support al-Qaeda.

‘Arts of the Islamic World’ at Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

October 2, 2008

Within a century of the prophet Muhammad’s death in AD 632, Islam had spread from its Arabian homeland to a wide swath, from Spain in the west to Pakistan in the east. The art that resulted in these places blended local traditions with the strictures of the faith. The hadith, or sayings of the prophet, for example, contained warnings against artists depicting people or animals (only God can create life), which in turn spurred great creativity in abstract design and calligraphy. But, as the show strives to make clear, many idioms of Islamic art embraced figurative painting, particularly in Persia and Mughal India.  >>>>>

Turkish soap opera sparks divorces in Muslim world

October 2, 2008

The hit Turkish soap “Nour” has sparked a rash of divorces in countries across the Middle East as women compare their real-life husbands to the TV heart throb.

During the past four months, on a daily base, a tall young man with soulful blue eyes has been stealing hearts across the Middle East, from the refugee camps of the Gaza Strip to the gated mansions of Riyadh. >>>>>

The linked title wrongfully associates Turks with Arabs. Even in the article, the most prominent change seems to be of those in Turkey. The common denominator is that they are primarily Muslim.

While the show is about Muslims, the intentions of the creators of the show is to strip Islam from the Muslims. It is not the soap star, also indicated in the linked article title, that is the danger to society.  It is the overall message of the soap opera in its entirety.

Like ‘El Clon’ (Islamically-themed Latin America soap opera), soap operas offer an insight to much of the culture of the ethnic and secular-promoting ideologies rather than that of Islam, Christianity or other religious belief; yet purports these elements to be what is expected by the public of its respective religion. In many cases, it leaves the viewer shunning many of the corrupted portrayals of these cultural attributes that are cleverly suggested as something to shy away from.  Combine this with secular-leaning visual and audio nuances that entice viewer(s)–predominantly women– to initiate mini-crises at home that ultimately contribute to the eventual breakdown of the family. It worked for the West. Why not try it out in the Islamic world?  This breakdown in family can be viewed as a possible element of the War on Islam – aka – War on Terror being struck from within.

For those who are about to comment that I am reading too much into this; let’s use a Western example that many do not realize also has grossly affected societies regarding a strong compromise between religion and secular culture. The example of Santa Claus is the first that comes to mind. While he is portrayed as a friendly, jolly, generous, virtually omnipotent (for he can grant wishes of just about any nature and travel to children all over the world in a single night) being doesn’t seem to be something harmful on the surface to a secularist or a non-devoutly practicing Christian.

But the very holiday (Christmas) that is celebrated is a Christian holiday (with Santa being a secular creation). In Christianity and Judaism–as well as Islam, the only unforgivable sin is  blasphemy (associating other gods with the One God). If this is the case, is not the concept of the secular-Santa contributing to this sin that is considered the most evil of all other sins? If you disagree, my recommendation is to ask your pastor, priest or rabbi to give you a straight answer on this pagan-adopted secular practice. If it is not clear after seeking their counsel, read the scriptures of your own religion for yourself.  Many would even argue that the secularization of Christmas was purposefully done to guide people away from their true religious path – by way of deceptive enticements that appeal to the children, especially.

Do you see where something so fun and seemingly innocent can cause one to become trapped into a temporary haze that has ulterior motives in the celebration (such as is being done to sell the bailout as a tool that will help the national economy; when the powers at be know full well, this is not going to be the case)? Muslims tend to recognize this and are rightfully steadfast in their stance.

Of all the remarkable things that has so far come out about this soap opera, is that Muslims are divorcing in droves. This kind of pop culture activity is a great part of the reason why Western media and culture are shunned in many of these lands. Would you not caution your own family members from maybe too much violence, too much nudity, too much propaganda? Well, this is what these Muslim scholars who oppose this kind of entertainment are trying to prevent.

Asad: “Peace with Israel will not affect relations with Iran”

October 1, 2008

Syrian President, Bashar Asad, stated on Tuesday that an Israeli-Syrian peace deal will not have any impact on the relations between Syria and Tehran and will not affect the relations between Syria and any other Arab country.  >>>>>

Syria blames bombing on militants

September 29, 2008

The Syrian state news agency has said Saturday’s bomb attack in the outskirts of Damascus was carried out by an Islamist suicide bomber.

The agency also says the attacker entered Syria from an unnamed neighbouring Arab country…

No group has claimed responsibility for the blast, although the Syrian interior minister, Gen Bassam Abdul-Majid, called it a cowardly “terrorist act”. >>>>>

Hamas, Islamic Jihad call J’lem terror attack a ‘natural reaction’

September 23, 2008

An Islamic Jihad statement called the attack, during which an east Jerusalem Arab rammed his BMW into a crowd of IDF soldiers, tourists and citizens near the Old City’s Jaffa Gate “a natural response to the criminal occupation.” >>>>>

Using Facebook as excuse to stir up Muslims

September 19, 2008

Korayem’s real and electronic worlds reverberate with paradox, inspiring him to ideological battle and, at times, leaving him conflicted. Perhaps more than the arcane logic of jihad websites or blogs by jailed political activists, the mainstream Facebook battle over religion will most influence the course of Islam and its relations with the West….

“Egypt is caught somewhere between Islam and a civil state,” Korayem said. “That’s why we have all this angst.” >>>>>

This is clearly an anti-Islamic puff piece.  The primary person in the article is clearly a secularist, using anti-Islamic arguments and attacks on the ideology of Islam.  His particular view is pointed out in ‘favorable’ terms.

To point to Islam as being opposite to that of a ‘civil state’ as is in the quote insinuates Islam as being barbaric or uncivilized perhaps. To mention that Muslims live in repressive governments while ignoring the relativity of how U.S. citizens live under the Patriot Act denotes a bit of ignorance about the writer’s own homeland.

It doesn’t surprise me that this type of story continues to exist.  The very fact that Muslims even defend their positions against misnomers and attacks within the story have a lot to do with the Muslim seeming antagonistic.

The arguments on Facebook against secularism also exist amongst other religious groups like Judaism and Christianity.  It is no surprise that this story of pitting a separatist Arab against Muslims is written by someone who seems to be an Islamophobe of Jewish descent.

What has been pointed out to me by a reader, and an interviewee of the reporter writing the story is the invaluable gain and work that Muslims do attain through dialogue with others.  One example is the information obtained by a Facebook group he is associated with, We the Muslim Youth Can Change The World, by a Brit who sought information on newly adopting Islam as her own religion.

American-Muslim Catch-22

August 29, 2008

American Muslims are learning that in post-9/11 America, they must become more involved at every level of the country’s political process, and not least so that there’s always someone to say “So what if he’s Muslim?” whenever Obama is “smeared.” >>>>>

Unlike the article below about joining the Democrats’ party, this sister seems to have a deeper understanding of the message should carry here.  In the end, as she heads to the polls with her mother, she knows her responsibility is with God first, then civic duty is second. 

Morocco’s urban Woodstock

August 22, 2008

This is an overwhelmingly Muslim country, but you wouldn’t know it from the music festivals. The Casablanca festival turns the commercial capital into an urban Woodstock, with masses of young people clogging the mosque-filled streets and partying to the pulse of hip-hop, rock, pop and Arab music.   >>>>>

She did it, wearing hijab head covering

August 21, 2008

It was hard to miss Roqaya Al-Gassra racing around the Bird’s Nest track this week. The Bahraini sprinter qualified for the 200m semifinal in 22.76 sec, beating Muriel Hurtis-Houairi of France and Sri Lanka’s Susanthika Jayasinghe and she did it wearing traditional hijab head covering.  >>>>>

Mabruk!!  Congratulations!!  Felicidades!! — This is symbolic.  The message here is that even with hijab….one can not only keep up; but win.  She doesn’t look like an oppressed woman to me.  Including religion in one’s life doesn’t mean that growth is stifled.  There is infiinite growth – under God.

Saudi Arabia let’s foreigners buy shares through locals

August 21, 2008

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it would allow foreigners to buy shares listed on its stock market through licensed intermediaries, a major step toward opening the largest Arab bourse to foreign capital.

The stock market, Tadawul, has been the least open among Gulf Arab bourses to foreign investors, up to now giving foreigners access to stocks only through select funds. >>>>>

Paying Attention to the “Other Islam”

August 20, 2008

In his new book, The Other Islam: Sufism and Global Harmony, Stephen Schwartz, a journalist and executive director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism in Washington, D.C., argues that Sufism “offers the clearest Muslim option for reconciliation between the Judeo-Christian and Islamic worlds, as well as fulfillment of the promise that Islam shall be a religion of peace.” U. S. News spoke with the author, himself a convert to Islam.  >>>>>

This is a right-wing propaganda piece. Stephen Schwartz may be a former Jew who later converted; but it doesn’t ring well that Sufis are anti the ‘ultra-conservative Wahabbi,’ but they are perfectly fine with the the likes of Daniel Pipes and the rest of the neo-con hate mongers who have killed and maimed Muslims for the sake of oil and power.

 The likes of Mr. Schwartz is not helping matters. This is clearly the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing approach. This article is geared toward attempts to pacify the moderate Muslims from their already squeamish state. Would an orthodox, or even conservative rabbi accept the propaganda of a Muslim or Christian convert to Judaism, who later states that Judaism has been practiced wrongfully, and the Jews should practice a non-politically involved or other form of Judaism?

They’re trying to control and limit the power of Muslims in order to guarantee that their ‘allies’ are better armed in case of a future conflict.  We were warned about Muslims breaking ourselves into sects.  Here’s an attempt at that.