Elderly Israeli killed in Jerusalem terror stabbing

October 23, 2008

As he tried to escape the scene, the terrorist stopped long enough to plunge his knife into the chest of an elderly pedestrian. Emergency resuscitation efforts by ambulance crews failed.

Despite his own wounds, the police officer managed to shoot the attacker several times. Another passerby then overpowered the injured terrorist.   >>>>>

While there is no doubt that stabbing a man in the chest is an act of terror; this short article uses the word terror/terrorist four times to identify a criminal act.  The problem is that the word ‘terror’ or ‘terrorist’ is not typically used by any newspaper around the world for individual crimes against another.  The same newspaper does not report Israeli-on-Arab or Jew-on-Muslim attacks as acts of terror.  This kind of bias only helps to create a further divide of the people and is a dangerous precedent in reporting.

Without realizing it, it has become common place to label anything an Arab or Muslim does, alleged or actual, as an act of terror.  This type of journalism allows for even non-Muslims who are against the Israeli apartheid and global agenda to continue to hold disdain for those Israel considers its ardent enemies – Arabs and Muslims.  Tsk, tsk.


CAIR: Illinois Muslim Attacked on College Campus

October 10, 2008

Just prior to the attack, the student says she noticed graffiti stating “kill the Muslims” written on the restroom mirror. In previous incidents, the student was reportedly called a “terrorist” by another person on campus and found anti-Muslim graffiti and a Nazi swastika scrawled in her locker. >>>>>

Czech Muslims complaining about Islamophobia

September 9, 2008

Muslims living in the Czech Republic complain about a “steep increase in islamophobia, anti-Arabism and anti-Muslim moods” in the Czech Republic like in other western countries after terrorist attacks on the USA in 2001, the Libertas Independent Agency says in a report given to CTK Monday…

However, Czech government’s commissioner for human rights Jan Litomisky said Monday he did not consider the Czech society’s allegedly negative attitude to Muslims a serious problem. >>>>>

If it were anti-Semitic attacks, would the commissioner for human rights then say the same thing?

Media has no bounds when it comes to Muslim Bashing

August 17, 2008

…No. The print media is faltering because the writing in many newspapers over the past decade have turned to the far, ugly right. Conservative neo-fascism disguised as free speech used to bully and intimidate anyone who has a viewpoint that they dislike. And it hasn’t been just one newspaper. It has been most of the major newspapers. The writing has been filled with hate-mongering, and vicious slander of a religion and a people.  >>>>>

Religious leaders angered by anti-Muslim comments

August 14, 2008

Religious leaders of all faiths came together Tuesday night at a Frankfort mosque to condemn anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by Frankfort Township Assessor Paul Ruff in a June e-mail to several members of the community.  >>>>>