Disillusioned Afghans Seen Turning on Karzai

October 23, 2008

President Karzai has been under pressure from the US and other allies to do something about the growing problem of corruption in his government, forcing him to shuffle his cabinet earlier this month. The mounting allegations have even extended to his family, with his brother reportedly linked to the nation’s burgeoning heroin trade>>>>>


Australia’s Jihad Jack cleared

October 23, 2008

Mr Thomas was retried after the Australian Court of Appeal quashed the 2006 conviction on the grounds that his initial testimony was inadmissible because he had been coerced by the police under interrogation.  Mr Thomas was the first individual to be prosecuted under the country’s 2006 anti-terrorism laws. >>>>>

Seven killed as Taliban ‘shoot down’ US chopper

October 20, 2008

The military sources based in Angoor Adda, a border town between Pakistan’s South Waziristan tribal region and Afghanistan’s Paktika province, also said they had also heard similar reports of shooting down of the US chopper by Taliban just across the border.  >>>>>

Taliban Kill Dozens in Bus Ambush, Officials Say

October 20, 2008

The attack was on the main road running from the southern city of Kandahar to the western town of Herat, General Qati said. It took place in Maiwand District, which is known as an area with a significant Taliban presence, where attacks on military convoys are frequent. The road is also the main route for British and Afghan army troops traveling to Helmand Province, where the insurgency is strongest.  >>>>>

Not denying its authenticity, it would have been more credible if there were something more concrete from the side of the Taliban to verify such a claim.  It would not be the first time that friendly fire on suspected Taliban recruits or prisoner releases is set up where the massacre is blamed on the other side.  It would serve the purpose of the killers on many levels, to include offsetting the propaganda gains the Taliban may have had in the taking down of the U.S. chopper.  Even Sun Tzu writes about this tactic in the ‘Art of War’.

The reason for the hesitation in accepting this article as truth is that the War on Terror has been fought with many lies.  Even the ‘inadvertent’ mass killing of innocent civilians is denied by the West and the Afghan forces, until the evidence is overwhelmingly undeniable.


October 17, 2008

All the necessary plans have been made to cause a violent eruption in the Western Provinces, the proposed building site for the American oil and gas pipelines that will save the world. Thanks to the new US/India nuclear deal, Bush now has available 150,000 Indian troops to clear-out Pakistani opposition.

The only remaining obstacle is the ongoing battle being fought at Bejaur by Pakistan, against US/Indian fake taliban. This is why the US is against Pakistan’s approach to eliminating the fake Taliban and fake al Qaida, Pakistan is eliminating the US’s henchmen.  >>>>>

Afghan strike ‘kills civilians’

October 17, 2008

At least 18 civilians have been killed in an air strike by foreign forces in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, reports say.

A BBC reporter in the provincial capital Lashkar Gah saw the bodies – three women and the rest children – ranging in age from six months to 15. >>>>>

Sources: US to waive visa rules for 7 countries

October 17, 2008

Congress last year enacted a law to expand the program while requiring that the government implement a system under which visitors from non-visa countries would have to register online with U.S. authorities before their departures and provide some personal information. Lieberman contends that program will not be in place when the new countries join. >>>>>