Scribbled Thoughts

The below are simply thoughts in passing. Just for contemplation. Feel free to comment and share your ideas.

“With each piece of evidence that is gathered, the world still ignores the truth more fiercely.”

“Many democratic concepts of the West would not be approved in a democratic vote of the world’s citizens.”

“Whatever forms of terror blamed on Muslims around the world seems to be alleged; and in more cases than not, proven to be a false allegation. Whoever is blaming the ‘alleged’ reeks of the guilt they themselves charge.”

“Armed, peace-activist is not an oxymoron.”

I cannot ask what did life give me; but rather what did I give while alive.”

“As frogs conjugating in the melting pot with an incrementally-increasing simmer, our own gizzards are being cooked.”

“If we exploited the wisdom and goodwill of Africans over their natural resources, we’d be a richer people.”

“Nationalism hails supreme law over the ‘law of the Supreme.'”

“Reading between the columns to echo some truth.”

From where each stand, all others are extreme in their centered selves.”

“From what the Bible says about Jesus’ bronze feet and hair of wool; in the attire of his people, including the sandals, repeating what is quoted of him in the Scriptures – “Eli, Eli” -“Eloi-Eloi” “Allah-Allah” – I take it that if he appeared the same today, others would finally accept that he really was indeed – a Muslim.”

“You may hate my writing, but have you seen what you call art?”

“I have people closely related to me, who loathe me; yet readers around the world, whom have never seen my face, know me better.”

“Nationalism is extremism the moment you step on another country.”

“I think you thought for me to think that this would not be a problem. But it is. Now let’s think about how to correct the thoughts of others.”

“Why do some think that Obama being a Muslim is a smear? I see it as a compliment.”

Why do you get offended at me praying? It may simply be that I am thinking about what goodwill gesture to offer you next.”

“In order to call me an extremist; means you’ve bought the hype and ignored our common principles.”

“I am extreme only because you refer to me from your center.”

“If Gandhi’s beliefs are praised, then why not praise what he says about politics and religion?”

“Asking the people to separate politics from religion is like asking an infant to split an atom. Although, both are probably not going to happen – ever.”

“A true democracy doesn’t exist if the voters are disallowed to vote against their own self good.”

“Why does secularism claim to be democratic, yet is a champion at suppressing religious ideas?”

“Why is it that only those who are religious understand that the choice of wearing certain clothes, is just that, a choice.”

“Why is it that I don’t feel as liberated as they tell me after removing all my clothes?”

“At what point of the descension of the bombs coming my way is it appropriate for me to rattle my saber?”

“Now that you are pre-emptively striking us; you now owe us more than one.”

“How is it that I am oppressed, with my people raped, killed, pillaged and dishonored in any facet known to mankind, and yet I am still to blame?”

“The people who believe that their place in the world is far superior than any other either have not traveled, or have traveled to exploit.”

“You hate my people, yet sleep with the enemy, and neither of you truly recognize how I am more akin to either of you than you are to each other.”

“You give me credit only of the most vile acts. Which means you’ve known me long enough to know my good deeds.”

“How can I offer you an olive branch when you destroyed and stole my olive grove.”

“Many women still complain of a lack of chivalry; yet are mute when it comes to chastity; not realizing how intimately related the two are.”

4 Responses to Scribbled Thoughts

  1. Aslam says:

    Peace be upon you. Great initiative bro.

    Let me know if I can help you in anyway.

    your brother in Islam,

  2. Umm Uthaymeen says:

    “Many women still complain of a lack of chivalry; yet are mute when it comes to chastity; not realizing how intimately related the two are.”<< Thats my favourite one…

  3. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  4. Hwaa says:

    I have been sending you e-mails, getting no replies, wondering how you are doing.

    I am glad your back and proacitve, and your love your blog.

    I would love to hear from you…

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