About 5-Pillar Scribe

Profiling leads to racism. Let's fight it from all fronts.

Profiling leads to racism. Let's fight it from all fronts.


A born and raised–American by nationality, Hispanic by ethnicity, and former U.S. Marine, who later converted/reverted to Islam, which makes me, a Muslim.  I am seeking to provide an objective voice, with subjective contributions on matters that relate to Islam and the U.S.; with the intention of stimulating formalized and credible debates on topics relating to Muslims of the West and those who believe they would be wrongfully impacted by Islam as an inclusion to Western Society and Issues. 


5-Pillar Scribe’s MAIN GOALS

  • Offer to include a Muslim’s perspective on today’s topics
  • Help decipher propaganda meant to mislead about Islamic concerns
  • Invite reader contributions to share alternative thoughts 
  • Promote credible and respectful debate regarding topics introduced 

5-Pillar Scribe’s OBJECTIVES

  • Provide News Feeds with Commentary from a Muslim’s Perspective
  • Pen articles affecting Westerners & Muslims and their relationships
  • Partake in live debates that include the Islamist position

Professional Background 

Activist, Photojournalist, Lecturer, Counselor, Executive/Life Coach, Professor, Chaplain, Mediator, Neuro-Psychometrician, Columnist, Public Affairs Rep., Entrepreneur, Administrator, U.S. Marine, and now – Blogger.

Former Member U.S Commission on Civil Rights (FL-SAC)


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