86 on Trial in Turkish Coup Case

SILIVRI, Turkey — One of the most sensational public trials in Turkish history began Monday, as a court started hearing a case against 86 people — among them retired army generals, journalists and a former university rector — charged with assassinations, bomb attacks and trying to topple the government…

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose governing party, Justice and Development, is said to have been a prominent target in the plots, has been accused of using the case to silence critics who say his party has an Islamist agenda.  >>>>>

Not one time in this article is the word ‘terrorism’ used.  If a secularist group of conspirators TERRORIZES by trying to topple a democratically-elected government that has ‘Islamic’ leanings, it is not looked upon as being terrorism.  Furthermore, instead of making the Prime Minister seem like a victim, this article paints him as a shrewd politician that somehow wrongfully uses this as a means of protecting his Islamist agenda.  This is a subtle approach, yet still pure propaganda.


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