Who Put Hate in My Sunday Paper? Uncovering the Israeli-Republican-Evangelical Networks behind the “Obsession” DVD

Answering that question proved harder than one might think, as the groups behind this DVD have worked hard to hide their tracks.   The connections, which are partially concealed in the DVD and the distribution campaign, take one from groups in Israel, to pro-Israel lobby organizations in the United States, to Christian evangelical groups, and to Neoconservative think-tanks.

The “facts” presented by Obsession have already been refuted in several detailed presentations.  For example, see the work of Obsessionwithhate.com and that of Sheila Musaji, as well as Altmuslim.com. Therefore, I am not going to make a point by point refutation of the contents of the DVD.  My intention is to explore the networks that are behind the production and distribution of this DVD, with their clear goal of influencing the 2008 Presidential elections towards John McCain. >>>>>


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