Israel not among nations getting visa waiver from U.S.

President George W. Bush announced a decision over the weekend to exempt the citizens of seven more countries from the need to apply for U.S. visas; Israel was not among the seven.

The U.S. is also supporting the same measure for an additional six countries – Israel, again, is not one of them. The countries that received the exemptions are Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Korea. >>>>>

This piece is designed to make Israel, therefore Israelis, seem like victims or having been left out.  However, Israelis enjoy far greater privileges than countries of Muslim nations, before and post 9/11.  Israeli citizenship, unlike one from Saudi Arabia, also seems not to be something to preclude dual-citizenship holders of Israeli-US, for example, of holding high-level governmental jobs and posts.  This is clearly not the case with other countries.

There may be other arguments to the reason for this.  Since Israel wants Jews to return to Israel, maybe they lobbied against this privilege.  Israel has produced many fake passports, to include European, in order to operate in foreign countries.  There is nothing stopping them from continuing this effort and getting into the US to do something dastardly, while leaving the name Israel out of loop.  If someone gets caught, they were ‘not’ Israeli, but rather Latvian, for example.

But if there is doubt or the consideration that I am just speculating; then I’ll settle for the argument that the best friend of Israel (US) is simply aware of their participation in 9/11 and frankly are tightening the screws a little to have greater control.


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