Bishop reminds Catholics to remember Judgment Day in the voting booth

Bishop Robert J. Herman, the administrator of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, has written a column reminding Catholics that their vote will be a decision weighed on the Day of Judgment. He urged Catholics not to treat the unborn as the neglectful rich man treated Lazarus in the biblical parable.  >>>>>

The problem with how this article is placed is that people of religious faith have a huge dilemma.  If you vote Democrat, then you’re supporting the killing of unborn.  If you vote Republican, you support the killing of the foreign born.  In God’s view, at least as people of faith are taught.  They are all God’s children, regardless of birth status or nationality.  The bottom line is that secularism and ‘democracy,’ at least that of what we practice, tend to pidgeon whole religious practitioners into voting for something they don’t believe in.  In the end, it helps us to become part of the co-conspirators of the sins/crimes we complained about to begin with.

This is probably why so many people in the U.S. do not vote; because they know that whatever the performance; the process is futile based on expecting any gains based on that particular person’s higher moral principles are.


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