‘Great Schlep’ pitches Obama to Florida Jews

For Selma Furst, voting for an African-American for president seemed unthinkable. “I grew up with Jewish people and Italian people, but I never lived in a neighborhood that was black,” she said. “Somebody said to me, ‘What do you object to about him?’ I said, well, truthfully, our colors are different.”

Overcoming the prejudices of his grandparents’ generation would be difficult, Bender realized. But he was not going to be alone.  Ari Wallach, co-executive director of Jews Vote, a Jewish advocacy group, also said he saw reluctance among some older, traditionally Democratic Jews to support Obama>>>>>

This has not been what has been portrayed in the media for the past decades.  The Jewish culture, of the same generation discussed in the linked article, regularly purported that blacks and Jews had the same struggle(s), shared the same things, and believed in similar values (Judeo-Christian, of course).  But when push comes to shove, I guess that those who were cynical, and consequentially labeled anti-Semitic, may have had a point in their angst about the others’ true colors.

It also goes to show that hatred and bigotry can lead to breaking loyalty to the leftist values of the Democratic Party and jump toward the far right of the Republican Party — the part of the party that has no problem praising Hitler, being anti-Semitic, burning crosses, killing abortionists, starting global war, and is the closest thing to fascism that we know. In other words, “for the sake of not voting for the black (or whichever expletive used in association of this word) guy, I’d rather vote for someone hell-bent on killing me if he could get away with it.”

The point is, both parties are so opposite each other, and in so many ways, that it is inconceivable for a person of sound mind to abandon the principles of morality, justice and policy for which it stands, for the sake of not supporting a party representative, albeit a potential president, merely because of the color of his skin–which should not have any form of measurement in his evaluation in the first place.

This actually falls in line with the phony reasons for allowing Ethiopians to immigrate into Israel, only to later be treated as second-class citizens; because while they were Jewish, they were also African, and of course, black.  This article begs for a re-evaluation of how the media played out the riots related to Watts, CA; Liberty City, FL; Rodney King riots; OJ Simpson trial and Crown Heights, NY.

This article alone should raise many questions regarding what is truly Judeo-Christian, and what is black and white.  In Islam, discriminating against someone on the basis of race is clearly forbidden.


2 Responses to ‘Great Schlep’ pitches Obama to Florida Jews

  1. Daniel says:

    Well, if Mccain didn’t openly embrace the Christian prayers at his RNC convention, and allow the Christians to come out and recently suggest that non-Chrisitans are flocking toward Obama… he might have had a chance with thos non-Chrisitans.
    Now he has pretty much isolated himself from the rest of the non-Christian world just like George W. Bush has isolated our country from the rest of the world by hijacking us and our values, twisting them to make us look as tyrranical as he is.
    You want a show down… you got one Mccain. This is going to be one hell of an election. The rest of the world will wait breathlessly, as you stand alone on your little island.

  2. multifarious says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, multifariousone.blogspot.com
    I would ask you to also take note of this post: http://multifariousone.blogspot.com/2008/10/thank-you-cambell-for-speaking-truth.html
    Many Blessings

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