Sudanese Arrest Militia Leader

The move is widely being interpreted as a way for Sudan to improve its image abroad and attempt to head off the possible genocide prosecution of the country’s president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, in the International Criminal Court.

Human Rights groups have said that the militia leader, Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman — also known as Ali Kushayb and the “colonel of colonels” — personally led attacks on civilians and ordered entire villages to be burned to the ground and the women in them raped.  >>>>>


2 Responses to Sudanese Arrest Militia Leader

  1. Steve says:

    This is just a dog-and-pony show. Khartoum is not going to seriously prosecute Kushayb, and it’s very unlikely the government will turn him over to the ICC for prosecution. Khartoum is just trying to buy time–to distract everyone from the allegations against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

    These thugs are just manipulating the system, trying to undermine the ICC. If larger world powers, like the USA, would step up to the plate, the ICC could gain the power, respect, and legitimacy that it needs to bring justice to the world stage. Washington, though, is no better than Khartoum in this regard. Instead of pushing for international prosecution of war criminals such as the Sudanese intelligence chief Salah Gosh, who bears significant responsibility for the violence in Darfur, the U.S. has protected him from UN sanctions. Washington is using the public displays of deep concern for Darfur to mask the private relationships that the U.S. has nurtured with some of the worst criminals in the Sudanese regime as part of the supposed “War on Terror.”

    There’s a ton of info on this topic in this book that I’ve been reading. It’s called Scramble for Africa: Darfur-Intervention and the USA, by Kevin Funk and Steven Fake. Definitely try to read it if you’ve got a chance.


  2. mandino says:

    I could say that the arrest won’t do anything that significant because as long as Bashir is still at large, there would be problems of bringing peace to the nation. I have resorted instead of helping The Emma Academy Project
    , because they will be building a school in Leer, Sudan. I believe that building school and education is peaceful and it benefits a lot of people too.

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