Exodus of Christians as killers step up religious cleansing in Iraq

Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister, has ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the problem. Yesterday the UN expressed concern at the recent violence against Mosul’s Christian community.

Some Christians blame al-Qaeda for the attacks while others speculate that Kurdish elements might be involved as part of a political ploy to coerce minority sects into supporting Kurdish parties before forthcoming provincial elections. This allegation is strongly denied by the Kurdish authorities. >>>>>

There is still nothing conclusive as to which side or who did it.  This doesn’t stop the West from capitalizing on this to make it appear as if Christians are not free under Islamic rule.  There is no Islamic rule in Iraq; and secondly, both Christians and Muslims in the region are both Iraqis and Arabs, excluding the Kurdish and other ethnic differentials.  This is a phony instigation effort to work towards continuing to divide the society into smaller groups, one especially that the West is nurturing to eventually help its agenda upon their resettlement in the region.


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