‘Religulous’ not evenhanded in criticisms

He’s not quite an equal-opportunity offender. Maher travels to the Wailing Wall but goes awfully easy on the Chosen People (he’s half-Catholic, half-Jewish). He leaves out Hinduism and Buddhism and limits himself to religions with apocalyptic leanings.  >>>>>


One Response to ‘Religulous’ not evenhanded in criticisms

  1. A buddy gave a link to your blog on my own blog–To best honest, I’m not usually the type of person that enjoys reading blogs but I browsed here anyways out of curiousity. I’m happy that I did, too! I’m a pretty big writer myself and usually I dislike reading blogs because many authors seem so boring, but you have a great writing “personality that makes your blog a welcome read. Definitely going to be eagerly awaiting new posts from now onwards! Expect a critical reader c:

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