Many Iraqi Refugees in US Face Hardship

Many Iraqi refugees who come to the United States find their troubles are not over as they struggle to to make ends meet and adapt to a new culture. Groups assisting the Iraqis say the available resources do not begin to cover the real costs of resettlement. VOA’s Bill Rodgers has more in this second of two reports on Iraqi refugees. >>>>>


One Response to Many Iraqi Refugees in US Face Hardship

  1. msdreamgirlusa says:

    Why are the Iraqi Refugees allowed to come here , recieve double sometimes triple the benefits that should be entitled to American Citizens , they cause problems where ever they are placed , they comment that the USA attacked and Bomb Iraq and that we owe them . I am an American Citizen ( Natural ) the area I live in has been overtaken by Iraqi Refugees which live like Uncivilized people and hit their children in an abusive manner , they fight amoung themselves constantly , they speak about how bad America is treating them , why do we have to suffer them and why do we have to live in poverty while they are getting paid to be here thru our welfare and medicaid services ? Our goverment needs to put a limit on how long they can be here and make them find jobs to support themselves , they are given Resident Status as soon as they arrive in the USA and obtain Social Security Cards and Employment I.D.’s yet they seek employment with wages paid under the table and still recieve welfare and medicaid benefits , I think that Our Goverment needs to monitor them more closely .

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