Morocco’s king launches offensive against radical Islam – Feature

Morocco is trying to stem radicalism with a two-track approach, combining attempts to promote a tolerant brand of Islam with the detentions of thousands of extremist suspects.


The arrests have elicited criticism from human rights groups, which say that the secret service has abducted dozens of suspects illegally, taking them to detention centres such as the ill-famed Temara near the capital Rabat.


Police have also cracked down on non-violent Islamist movements, such as the non-parliamentary (), which many analysts regard as Morocco’s biggest de-facto political party.  >>>>>

Therefore, this is stating that Morocco is cutting out their competition which would otherwise win in a democratic election.  It seems like the burying of this data within stories that talk about matters that are highly disturbing to most people is an effective propaganda tool to rid any Islamic reference to an otherwise uncorrupted democracy.


2 Responses to Morocco’s king launches offensive against radical Islam – Feature

  1. markdans says:

    Check this out

    Radical Islam is a threat to the western way of life!

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:


    If i took you at your words…”Radical Islam is a threat to the western way of life!” –
    Then why is it okay for Radical Westernization to act preemptively, and barbaric; against its own Western laws in responding to; and even international laws (which also comprises the whole Western World)?

    If I were to believe that Muslims were involved in all the terrorist operations, and none were false-flag ops (which I don’t believe)…Then the above statement would also be logical for ‘radical Islam,’ for which I also do not accept…but it’s your logic, so let’s apply it — flipping the logic:

    “Radical Westernization is a threat to the Islamic way of life!” — therefore, we should commit terrorism (ethnic cleansing, pre-emptive strikes, murder, occupation, break our own laws, etc., etc., etc.)? — I don’t think so…

    The history of the West, with its colonial and slavery past (and present) speaks volumes about the concerns those colonized have when remembering history, while still cautioning about potential future acts by the West, unjustifiable by their own laws, in response to something these very same people are not responsible for — and just so happens to place the West at an advantage equal to that of imperialism – in it’s darkest days.

    Just remember, “those savage Indians are a threat to the West(ern) way of life!” — you show me how the Native Americans were indeed in the wrong for what happened to them, and their ‘incidental’ ethnic cleansing….our acknowledgment of our (West’s) oppressive past (and present). Then ask yourself, “Why is it that we’re justified in remaining in power over them?”

    Utterly illogical, with the intention of never relinquishing power clearly abused over another people. I bid you peace in your discourse.

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