Iraq: US dropped nuclear bomb near Basra in 1991, claims veteran

An American veteran of the first Gulf War in Iraq claims that the United States dropped a five-kilotonne nuclear bomb in 1991 in a deserted area outside the southern city of Basra on the Iranian border.

The claim by US war veteran Jim Brown was made during an interview included in a 30-minute current affairs report to be broadcast by Italian state news channel RaiNews24 on Thursday.  Brown told the Italian news channel that the bombing took place on the last day of the war in Iraq on 27 February 1991. >>>>>

How ironic and despicable if true.  We attack a whole country and kill more civilians than a non-culpable military many times over in order to ‘seek out weapons of mass destruction;’ only to find that there were no WMDs; and upon defeating the people we wrongfully attacked, we make our point by actually unnecessarily and criminally dropping a nuclear bomb.  When people around the world here this, it brings about a greater sense of urgency for justice and disdain for the cheerleaders for terms like “human rights,” “democracy,” “freedom,” “we only seek to offer humanitarian aid…”


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