Intolerant India from Sikhophobia to Islamophobia and now Christophobia

Islamophobia and Sikhophobia are creations of state agencies unable to build a response to the fight for rights and fundamental freedoms and Christophobia has been started by fascist forces unable to tolerate equality and reduction in their ranks and is abetted by the state through silence and complicity.  >>>>>

And this is the country that Israel is conspiring with to promote their nationalist theocracies?  And if this is the case, why would Christians help either Israel or India?  Why do refer to both of them as democracies?  Why do Christians from other parts of the world not recognize that both Israel and India officially and theocratically reject the notion of Jesus–whereas ironically so, Muslims revere him and his mother, the Virgin Mary? 

2 Responses to Intolerant India from Sikhophobia to Islamophobia and now Christophobia

  1. zonie says:

    Muslims revere a different character than the Christian Jesus. The Muslim version is an insult to the beliefs of the Christians. The Muslim version is supposed to kill the Christians at the end of days. The Muslim version did not die on the cross and is not divine, as Christians believe. So don’t say that Muslims revere Jesus, at least not the one that Christians speak about, Because that’s false.

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    to zonie:

    revere – to regard with respect tinged with awe; venerat. Nope, I think I got it right. It’s amazing that you seek out a difference that is not relevant to the point, yet based on your lack of understanding, would presumably forgive and accept the position that Jewish people have for Jesus.

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