In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution

Pressure from AIPAC and similar groups weighed heavily in some members’ decisions to support the legislation, according to Jim Fine, legislative secretary for foreign policy for the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). He added that the force of the lobbyists sometimes took the place of careful consideration…

“Engaging with Iran to try to resolve dangerous conflict is common sense,” Fine said. “Five former US secretaries of state have just repeated their call for direct talks with Iran, including Henry Kissinger, who says talks should begin at the secretary of state level. Congress is beginning to hear the message.”  >>>>>

If AIPAC is still embroiled in an espionage-related trial, and “Congress is [indeed] beginning to hear the message,” the why is AIPAC not shut down quicker than a Muslim charity was shut down after the combination of 9-11 and AIPAC’s cry toward pointing the finger at purposely the wrong targets; while ignoring the three fingers pointing back at them?

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