Islam: Prophet bride novel published in US

New York, 7 Oct. (AKI) – A controversial novel about the Muslim Prophet Mohammed’s child bride was released in the US this week , despite a firebomb attack against its British publisher.

Beaufort Books published The Jewel of Medina by American journalist , after Random House dropped it amid fears its publication could incite violence.  >>>>>


2 Responses to Islam: Prophet bride novel published in US

  1. Richard says:

    Mohammed, Hey his child wife of 6 was weel documented, at 9 he had sex with her and before death at what 64 he was looking at taking on a baby girl for a wife thats sick, Oh and lets not forget what allah promises what is it young handsome men virigins as well as 72 virgin females at your begging call, so he was a supporter of being gay as well a whoremonger, anfd this isnt even the tip of the iceburg. Allah when alive allowed his followers to drink his urine and eaty his extractions, everything allah was for jesus was against, Muslims of the true Kuran have no shame in Mohammed
    or Allah and the sick things they did, So what does that tell you about their followers?
    They shout piece then blow you up then say it was justified, They are Sick. Truth is
    there are no good true believers in the Kuran if they really believe in the Kuran they cant be good.

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