India and Israel don’t add up to a Christian response against Islam

Hindutva groups are meeting Zionist organizations to learn about strategies to advance religious nationalist agendas and suppress any criticism of their political movements.

These U.S.-based groups have helped strengthen India-Israel ties and propagate the notion that Hindu and Jewish Americans are victims of a common enemy defined as “Islamic terrorism,” for example, through organizations such as Democracies against Terror which is an alliance of Zionist and Hindutva activists based in Fremont, Calif.

In response to the linked article:  India Loses Her Palestinian Heart and Gains a Calculating Israeli Mind

The problem with this type of thinking is that eventually, the practicing Jewish and Hindus will be met with a logical argument about their respective fundamental beliefs.  The Jews believe in monotheism, as do Muslims and Christians.  Hindus believe in polytheism, a clear antithesis to all three of the Abrahamic faiths.

Since there is a posturing by the Zionists and Evangelical Christians to set up the stage for the ‘end of time,’ then this political move will speak volumes as to which side each group is expected to be on.  If the belief is that during Armageddon, there will be a war against the non-believers; the polytheistic Hindus, would clearly be amongst those on the side against the God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims-at least in theory. Correct?

This alliance may be what causes the true-believing Christians and Jews will gain faith and shift their loyalties in greater mass away from the pro-Zionist, pro-nationalist cause.  Then those racing up to this expected phase in God’s plan will start to realize the earthly plan may not be in accordance to what each respective religious group believes its respective God wants.  And if these groups are desiring to move collectively with their religious-nationalist agendas; then why is it bad for Muslims to discuss the same in political discourse without being labeled as Islamo-Fascist?  Why would the U.S. support this non-secular position unless it is somehow blackmailed into doing so?

This agenda does not bode well for the world in general.  Israel has a present stockpile of nuclear weapons without complying to the same standards countries that don’t have nuclear weapons do comply with.  But now the U.S. and Israel are supporting India’s right to seek out such weapons.  That fact alone should bring alarm to all countries around the world – especially Pakistan, Iran and countries with significant Muslim populations – that there is a far greater sense of geopolitical hypocrisy that may just blow up in the very faces of those creating this mess.

Unfortunately, most countries in the game tend to believe that their agenda is well in-line with God’s plan, even if it is contrary to what God Himself has directed them, according to their own respective scriptures.


6 Responses to India and Israel don’t add up to a Christian response against Islam

  1. Emilio says:

    Clearly they must have been listening to this old saying “The enemy of my enemy is a friend” humorous but still sad to see religion still take such a stronghold in each of these countries governments. Seperation of church and state is a blessing one that they have not been enlightened with. Then again we do say God Bless America? One nation under God? since we only say one god Im guessing the founding fathers forgot about polytheistic religion or they thought they were ludicrous.

  2. Neel288 says:

    The Taliban practice the ancient and barberic version of islam. They do not want education for the girls, treat women like animals, are intolerant even to their fellow muslims ( the Shias ), forget about other religions. Al qaeda on the other hand is pushing the dream of an Islamic Caliphet, that would rule the world, and they are currently fighting the prime obstacles to their goal, the US. These two groups enjoy sympathy and direct or indirect approval of majority of muslims, either openly or covertly. Pakistan was the only nation ( along with UAE perhaps ) to have recognized and extended political support to the Taliban.
    There is no such large scale chronic disease of intolerence and fundamentalism in any other religion, be it Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or Buddhism. It comes naturally and logically, that Radical Islam would be viewed as a common threat to all other religions.
    The muslim nations, instead of worrying about the US India nuclear deal and spinning theory about US-Israel-India nexus, need to focus their attention on the cancer of radical Islam, as the backlash from the non-muslim world would be wide spread, and the innocents muslims would be the first to pay with their lives.

  3. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    Neel288 – It appears that you have ignored the points of my post. While extremism is no good for any religion, this happens to be an Islamic teaching. Muslims believe this, even to the point, we are taught that the Muslims will divide themselves up into 73 sects, and only one will be on the straight path.

    Your comment on the Taliban may hold true regarding the perception of the world. However, when Islam is democratically voted for as a government, such as in Mauritania and Algeria, and the opposition crushes it; and subsequently successfully labels followers of the democratically-elected systems as terrorists, then there is a problem when the West allows this type of tyranny.

    When the U.S. allows for Israel to continue to do what it does with its military-grade nuclear program, yet interferes with any civilian nuclear goals of nations part of the NPT that Israel refuses to sign, this is another pro-tyrannical and hypocritical stance of the West.

    Getting back to your point on how Taliban – much of what you said is actually not factual; but instead of disputing that point…don’t you find it ironic that another post today shows that the U.S. actually supports the Taliban now — go figure! More hypocrisy…even from your perspective…check it out…

    While it shows the U.S. as a passive member; this article is designed to do just that, not show too much of U.S. involvement until things continue to cool off.

    Thanks again for visiting. I welcome continued dialogue with you and seek to learn more about building bridges and debating for peace. Assalaamu alaykum.

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