Fan’s kiss ends Tamer Hosni’s Kuwait concert

The newspaper reported that security removed the adoring fan and the Information Ministry abruptly ended the concert one hour ahead of schedule Hosni, who had sung only three songs, apologized to the audience and said that he wished he could stay with them until dawn, but the decision was out of his control.

The Kuwaiti parliament discussed the incident and castigated the ministers of Trade, Information and Interior, according to al-Qabas. Islamist MPs criticized the live broadcast of the concert and the slow response from security.  >>>>>

Music and other stimuli are very enticing.  It slowly, sometimes quickly, causes us to lose control of ourselves.  Other times, the performers are perceived as something greater than that what is normal.  Would this not be the road to ‘minor shirk?’  While many Westerners understand this to be incorrect, they do so until they find out that it was their wives or girlfriend(s) are throwing their undergarments to someone like Tom Jones or Elvis Presley. Look at the reaction of the people who follow(ed) Michael Jackson or the Beatles.  Sometimes un-#$%*-believable.  Yet if their own prophet, whom many take as a god, were to walk in front of them, he would not be given the time of day.


One Response to Fan’s kiss ends Tamer Hosni’s Kuwait concert

  1. Shakaib says:

    Tamer Hosny is the best!!

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