New ‘radical Islam in Bulgaria’ claims

While several intelligence and media reports have highlighted the rise of radical Islam in the former Yugoslavia and especially in Bosnia, earlier in 2008 US journalist Christopher Deliso said in his book The Coming Balkan Caliphate: Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West that Bulgaria was among Balkan countries where radical Islam activists were present.

Most intelligence reports have suggested that any such activity in Bulgaria is on a small scale.

The Bosnians (Muslims) have suffered a holocaust in the 1990’s.  Recovering from that is no picnic.  The people of Bosnia were victimized, according to many circles, because they strayed away from their religion and adopted the secular lifestyle – which seemed to have swallowed them up whole.  The Muslims are very skeptical about global, especially Western, powers promising never to let a holocaust happen again; yet it happens in their own backyard – right under their own noses; and even with much of their own support.

Many of the Bosnians have chosen to become closer to their religion as a protection against ethnic cleansing.  Yet, it is actually the racist perception of others that labels these religious changes as extreme or radical.  Heck, in the U.S., Obama is referred to as the ‘most radically left’ senator in the Senate, and Cheney and Bush (and company), are considered the most ‘extreme right.’  Both connotations have further polarized the nation into two poles that the overwhelming population does not adopt to – yet will associate and accept for having the ‘lesser of two evils.’

The push of the propaganda according anti-Islamist activists, supported even by government institutions, is something that preps a nation of people to learn to hate Islam, as a new wave of false-flag terrorist attacks are introduced to their nation.  This allows for the next phase of the propaganda to take effect.

It helps to seal at least a doubt about Muslims’ intentions by having the association of the attack (usually without evidence) to a hapless, defenseless person(s), who will spend the rest of his days NOT being able to defend himself because the laws have allowed for unjust tribunals, post criminal interrogations, also known as torture – sanctioned by the very same government that needs to obtain further control of the very same population — prior to claiming their citizens’ wealth as their final booty in helping to keep the world a better place.


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