Minister who infuriated Muslims is put in charge of immigration policy

Muslim groups expressed anger last night after a Labour politician who has been at the centre of a series of race controversies was made Immigration Minister.

Phil Woolas, previously an Environment Minister, was handed the brief despite infuriating the Pakistani community earlier this year by warning they were fuelling birth defects by inter-marrying.  >>>>>

When the country appoints someone like him to a post he clearly doesn’t belong, it is obvious, primarily to those who stand to lose by such an appointment.

2 Responses to Minister who infuriated Muslims is put in charge of immigration policy

  1. jonolan says:

    He sounds like a great choice as Immigration Minister to me. The default position of Immigration should be “NO,” and he’ll perform that duty. People who want to immigrate to England will be finally forced to prove that they’ll adapt to life in the nation and will provide a provable benefit to the nation.

    Immigrants are the ones begging to live in England and should be the ones nearing the onus of proving why the deserve the privilege of being allowed to live there.

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    To Jonolan: May peace be unto you; your profile pic seems to show a significant degree of someone lacking peace – prayer, rest, and a healthier diet may help. JK

    Your point is valid when arguing a surface issue. But there is far more to this issue than that of having someone enforce the existing laws of the nation. In this respect, because of his lack of objectivity and justice in the past, for example, his anti-Pak/Muslim comment as a leader of the ‘free world,’ by default, as you say, this should have disqualified him from even holding his office – for his statements are clearly xenophobic/bigoted.

    The immigration laws of a nation tend to be unjust the moment they restrict people(s) based on their race, nationality, etc. from entering and favoring others, based on the same. It’s a bit ironic that many times, nations who were colonialist/imperialist in the past happen to show their sense of justice and reconciliation by severely restricting immigration from the very same countries they once exploited. This may not be the case in this instance, just pointing out a general point debating what does it mean to adapt to life in the host nation…a nation that has laws that protects the practicing of religion and allows for change(s) to the law upon voting. These sought changes are just a form of social lobbying that usually stem from a prior act that oppresses their own nation.

    Many nations today have fought immigration also by exporting their own terror to the very lands of people who are immigrating from.

    In this case, Woolas is presumed to go against the spirit of law that purports to be a ‘free country.’ There is a presumption in the UK that there are far more better qualified and noble people who should have been chosen to take the post prior to it being offered to him. Those in charge of appointing represent the nation as a whole. It is speaking loud and clear. This is the objection. Peace.

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