US Mounting Effort To Counter Limits on Speech Critical of Islam

The debate focuses on a United Nations resolution called “Combating Defamation of Religion,” sponsored by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference. The resolution was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 2005 and is up for renewal in the next couple of months. While the resolution stresses the need to fight defamation against all faiths, Islam is the only one explicitly mentioned.  >>>>>

The major push against this is actually coming from Zionists and Americans in cahoots with Zionists.  In this case, all faiths would be welcomed on the platform of defamation on something constructed and sponsored by an ‘Islamic’ organization.

Their generosity and sense of justice in their resolution is unlike the push for anti-Semitism, where the push for anti-defamation is touted to be that which represents and is aligned with the suffering of others, but has special privileges automatically bestowed on those who are considered Semites.  The argument regarding the monopolization of the term ‘holocaust’ is also considered poorly representative to Gentiles around the world whom have suffered sometimes losses in greater numbers.

The actual term ‘Semitism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ are capitalized by a small group of people that many argue are not even Semites; but definitely excludes people who are Semites like the people(s) who speak:  Akkadian, Amharic, Arabic, Aramaic, Ge’ez, Hebrew, Maltese, Phoenician, Tigre and Tigrinya among others.  (source


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