American Qaeda figure says U.S. still runs Pakistan

But Gadahn dismissed Pakistan’s protests as a “cynical public relations ploy”.

Gadahn has made a number of videotaped messages on behalf of al Qaeda. In January, he urged Islamist militants to welcome President George W. Bush with bombs when he visited the Middle East and tore up his U.S. passport on camera.  >>>>>

There was a time when the U.S. did not give in to terrorists in any way.  There is still a media policy not to report on suicides. Still today, there are many things that should be broadcast to the American public that is not for the sake of minimizing the sense of loss and the diminishing support for the War on Terror.  Why is it so important to put this guy out there compared to showing the flag-draped coffins of service members who return from the occupation?  It’s because showing him suits the psychological warfare against the American public; and not showing the coffins does the same.


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