MP backing for ‘Holocaust denier’

He has previously been convicted in Germany for breaking a law that prohibits denying or “playing down” the mass murder of the Jews under Hitler.

We don’t in this country tend to prosecute people for issues that we regard as issues of freedom of speech
Chris Huhne

But some human rights campaigners have backed his case, saying that his views – however unpleasant – do not make him a criminal in the UK.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), acting for the German authorities, argues that agreements signed in 2003 between the UK and other European countries mean that Britain is duty-bound to assist the German authorities.  >>>>>

I guess free speech stops here at denying the holocaust in WWII Germany.  However, freedom of speech to lie that causes the killing of hundreds of thousands around the world is quite alright amongst democratic nations. — While I understand the point, it is not just nor logical.

We are seeing signs of the world waking up to the hypocrisy and as is mentioned in the teachings of Muslims, the Christian-Islamo alliance that will fight injustices around the world.


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