Egyptians Challenge BBC Al-Qaida Poll Result

Despite this evidence, Egyptians simply are not buying it. Many here argue that these surveys often skew actual evidence to the contrary.

“Egyptians do not understand what al-Qaida truly is,” began a freelance journalist who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, “so when someone asks people here how they view the organization many will indeed say they support or view them favorably.”

The journalist believed this is due to a lack of information. For example, she talked about how it was not until watching a large amount of Western news sources – including CNN and the BBC – did she become aware of the full intentions of the terror network.  >>>>>

In other words, it is not that the journalist is unaware of reality, it’s just that the journalist here had not been brainwashed about al-Qaeda until watching CNN and BBC.  Many people have a different take on al-Qaeda because the news in the Middle East happens to be a lot less editorialized and inclusive of fantasy and fiction.

There is a lot more objectivity and accountability for what one rights.  The people of these lands have far less exposure to news such as the Western addiction to 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week, up-to-date news viewing and commentary.

Even CNN and CNN International do not cover the same things, nor do they cover the same news item the same way. The Westerners believe that they have better news coverage than anything else in the world; but other news organizations around the world would probably say something to the effect that “‘frame-for-frame’, and ‘reel-for real,’ they are far better because there is more objective news whereby journalists are more accountable.  Heck, most major news sources can point to their adversary and show how ‘they are not real news sources,’ for a host of reasons.

The people around the world are paying attention to the differences, quality and content of information they are getting.

Incidentally, Egyptians are Arabs, and therefore, includes a great amount of Christians as well, all living in a secular, not religious society.  Many Westerners fail to recognize this point, as they fail to recognize that the largest religious group of Arabs in the U.S. are Christian, and not Muslim.  This poll includes Christians is my point. (In case readers point to ‘those people’ would naturally support al-Qaeda.


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