15 Soldiers Killed by Kurd Rebels

Ankara, Turkey – Fighting between Kurdish rebels and Turkey’s army and air force in southern Turkey and northern Iraq has killed 15 soldiers and at least 23 insurgents, the military said Saturday, in the deadliest battle between the long-time enemies this year. >>>>>

Muslim on Muslim fighting, neither particularly for any Islamic purpose; but both use Islamic rights as reasons to fight, not recognizing that both were setup by the very same countries and people(s) that claimed to be there allies/friends to begin with. This scenario is playing out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Caucus Region, and is spreading to a neighborhood near you.

Notice how the Iraqi resistance against Saddam Hussein were once labeled resistance? Today they are insurgents. Their usefulness as an ally is diminishing for the West. With gained

‘independence’ come gained notoriety. The same is happening to the Kurds at the moment. This is not an attack on Turkey. It’s just that the Kurds are the insurgents in this article. My point is that all is relative to who is reporting.

This relativity is what is ignored by the Western populous and is actually working against their favor by the very perpetrators of those who control the infrastructure of the media and the economy. It’s time to become more aware of how we’re being played by these and other forces.


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