U.S. soldier gets eight months in Iraq killings

VILSECK, Germany – A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty Thursday to charges of accessory to murder and was sentenced to eight months in prison for his role in the killing of four Iraqi prisoners who were bound, blindfolded, shot and dumped in a canal.

Spc. Steven Ribordy, 25, of Salina, Kan., also will receive a bad conduct discharge from the Army as part of a plea deal. In addition, he agreed to testify against other members of his unit.  >>>>>


7 Responses to U.S. soldier gets eight months in Iraq killings

  1. gulliver says:

    These young people are taken for granted, placed in battle zone and then, questioned about their decision making skills. Yet, we seemed so surprised when they react in a fight or flight mode. I thought the Vietnam days were over. Did you really expect them to retreat to an ethical version of civil society behavior, obeying civil laws? Would anyone? These people should be respected for their unselfishness. How many of us are willing to make the sacrifices these soldiers have made just doing their job? Where is the immunity? There are no “green” zones; once you leave the United States, they all are “red”.

  2. andy says:

    give me a break. murdering detainees is murder, war or no war. don’t make excuses

    • Yanira Sanchez says:

      YOU ARE A MORON. WHEN YOU’VE BEEN DEPLOYED AND LOSE YOUR FRIENDS, OR SEE DEATH IN YOUR CLINIC EVERY OTHER DAY THEN TALK TO ME. You know nothing about what happens and the bull that we deal with. I’m only a medic but I’ve seen more than enough. I feel sorry for our infantry and all the other combat mos’s that have to live with the worst part of this war! Good luck finding the bad guys and May God watch over all of you.

      SPC Sanchez, Yanira
      501st FSB. 1ST AD 1BCT- IRAQ 2006-07

  3. Dave says:

    andy, how many tours have done in iraq, afghanistan? you know, one thing i can’t stand are chicken-hawk conservatives. but, another thing i can’t stand is someone who criticizes others for doing things they are too cowardly to do themselves. so, if your comment is going to be respected or have any premise or bearing on this topic, i sure hope you’ve served your time overseas in uniform. otherwise, don’t bother with your “give me a break” or “murder is murder”. the real criminals made billions war-profiteering over there. so, to you i say, “give ME a break,”

    1-9 CAV, 1st CAV Division- Iraq
    1-87 IN, 10th Mountain Division-Afghanistan

  4. Rcap says:


    Sure, we can not question the loyalty or dedication of those who serve our country. This kind of behavior however is unjustified and illegal. Shooting a detainee in the back of the head is a war crime, and thus should be prosecuted. Those who serve should always be respected – but soldiers also need to represent the nation and values they are fighting for. Ive done two combat tours while in the Army,and Ive been back several more times as a contractor and I can say without a doubt that these guys being convicted is the right thing.

  5. Col USAF (Ret) says:

    “…another thing i can’t stand is someone who criticizes others for doing things they are too cowardly to do themselves.” So the only ones who can comment on the rule of law must have served on active duty? That is ludicrous. I served in the United States Air Force as a Judge Advocate. And I was responsible for teaching LOAC (Law of Armed Conflict). I served overseas and in combat zones. What Spc. Ribordy did was a crime. Frankly, he received a light sentence. All soldiers, airmen, and seaman are and should be held to the standards of international law. And transgressions of the law, regardless of individual circumstances, must be prosecuted.

  6. WHT2CUZ says:

    ??? Yes killing “good people” is wrong. But it’s funny that the infantry in the Army and the Marines are always under strength. Yes quite funny seeing that these are the men that truly “defend our constitution”. Now i would not be so bold or ignorant to state other jobs aren’t really needed, but i will say these are the men who say i will protect our country, i will not stand for another 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, i am totally prepared to give my life for my country! And yet these men have to hear it’s freedom of speech to burn the flag, that people in America debate on pledging to the nation they live in and won’t say the pledge of aliegance, and even crazier that they were dealt one hell of a hand, that only a few can proudly say they have had, and be criticized for their actions. But back to the original point why don’t more people join the infantry??? So many people obviously know that they would make right decisions, they obviously know they would never do anything wrong, they obviously are patriotic…. or are those few men just $hit out of luck??? Screw them right, they only volunteered to give their life for their country, and yall are probably happy that a lot of them that come back ARE giving their life whether it is in jail or under ground. Thank for your support!

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