Turkish soap opera sparks divorces in Muslim world

The hit Turkish soap “Nour” has sparked a rash of divorces in countries across the Middle East as women compare their real-life husbands to the TV heart throb.

During the past four months, on a daily base, a tall young man with soulful blue eyes has been stealing hearts across the Middle East, from the refugee camps of the Gaza Strip to the gated mansions of Riyadh. >>>>>

The linked title wrongfully associates Turks with Arabs. Even in the article, the most prominent change seems to be of those in Turkey. The common denominator is that they are primarily Muslim.

While the show is about Muslims, the intentions of the creators of the show is to strip Islam from the Muslims. It is not the soap star, also indicated in the linked article title, that is the danger to society.  It is the overall message of the soap opera in its entirety.

Like ‘El Clon’ (Islamically-themed Latin America soap opera), soap operas offer an insight to much of the culture of the ethnic and secular-promoting ideologies rather than that of Islam, Christianity or other religious belief; yet purports these elements to be what is expected by the public of its respective religion. In many cases, it leaves the viewer shunning many of the corrupted portrayals of these cultural attributes that are cleverly suggested as something to shy away from.  Combine this with secular-leaning visual and audio nuances that entice viewer(s)–predominantly women– to initiate mini-crises at home that ultimately contribute to the eventual breakdown of the family. It worked for the West. Why not try it out in the Islamic world?  This breakdown in family can be viewed as a possible element of the War on Islam – aka – War on Terror being struck from within.

For those who are about to comment that I am reading too much into this; let’s use a Western example that many do not realize also has grossly affected societies regarding a strong compromise between religion and secular culture. The example of Santa Claus is the first that comes to mind. While he is portrayed as a friendly, jolly, generous, virtually omnipotent (for he can grant wishes of just about any nature and travel to children all over the world in a single night) being doesn’t seem to be something harmful on the surface to a secularist or a non-devoutly practicing Christian.

But the very holiday (Christmas) that is celebrated is a Christian holiday (with Santa being a secular creation). In Christianity and Judaism–as well as Islam, the only unforgivable sin is  blasphemy (associating other gods with the One God). If this is the case, is not the concept of the secular-Santa contributing to this sin that is considered the most evil of all other sins? If you disagree, my recommendation is to ask your pastor, priest or rabbi to give you a straight answer on this pagan-adopted secular practice. If it is not clear after seeking their counsel, read the scriptures of your own religion for yourself.  Many would even argue that the secularization of Christmas was purposefully done to guide people away from their true religious path – by way of deceptive enticements that appeal to the children, especially.

Do you see where something so fun and seemingly innocent can cause one to become trapped into a temporary haze that has ulterior motives in the celebration (such as is being done to sell the bailout as a tool that will help the national economy; when the powers at be know full well, this is not going to be the case)? Muslims tend to recognize this and are rightfully steadfast in their stance.

Of all the remarkable things that has so far come out about this soap opera, is that Muslims are divorcing in droves. This kind of pop culture activity is a great part of the reason why Western media and culture are shunned in many of these lands. Would you not caution your own family members from maybe too much violence, too much nudity, too much propaganda? Well, this is what these Muslim scholars who oppose this kind of entertainment are trying to prevent.

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