Uganda: UPDF Taking a Wrong Path On Somalia

On the Somali streets this was viewed as a “low-blow”, these two Christian presidents gleefully patting each other’s backs at the removal of an Islamic Courts government. During this summit the US Secretary of State for African Affairs, another Christian, was present and didn’t even attempt at hiding her joy at the “removal” of the Islamic Courts.”

This, I can say, was the “killing-blow” to any UPDF impartiality in this mission. It’s also no longer a well kept secret that the US government is bankrolling the UPDF Somalia mission.

This fact, added with the subsequent visits to Uganda by General Ward, the Commander of the US Africa Command, adds fuel to the perception that Uganda’s UPDF is on a US counter-terrorism (a synonym for counter-Islam) mission. In plain terms, the UPDF has been out-sourced or sub-contracted to do America’s dirty work in the Horn of Africa region.  >>>>>


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