Muslims Put Tourniquet on Book ‘Bleeding for Allah’

NEW YORK, NY — Every once in a while someone does something that really pisses-off a whole population of people. Markus Aurelius’ book, “Bleeding for Allah: Why Islam will Conquer the Free World. What Americans need to Know”, seems to have done just that. Millions of Muslims around the world are incensed by this smallish book and have responded en masse by having it banned in countries all across Africa and Asia.  >>>>>

I take offense at the statement ‘Free World’ placed opposite that of Islam. There is no such thing as a “Free World” without Islam.  If a person is not allowed to accept and live by Islam, then how can the world be free?  No thanks for dictating such – (pun intended).


2 Responses to Muslims Put Tourniquet on Book ‘Bleeding for Allah’

  1. Deepanjan says:

    I am constantly amazed by how obsessed Muslims are with their religion.

    “If a person is not allowed to accept and live by Islam, then how can the world be free? ”
    If a person is not allowed to reject living by Islam, how can the world be free? Aren’t you aware of what awaits those in the middle-east who dare to renounce Islam? Do the occasional reading outside of the Koran, dear brother.
    Islam is the only religion known to me that spends a substantial part of its text in threatening other religions. Time and again it has threatened non-Muslims of dire consequences of not accepting Islam. No other religion is so intolerant.

    Pray, what makes you think Islam is right and all others wrong? Isn’t it the fallacy of your own religion that refuses to encourage you to think for yourself and decide what’s right and what isn’t?

    So many religions have come and gone. The current breed will follow suit.

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    To Deepanjan:

    Your points seem to have a great deal of logic, if you read the information outside of the Qur’an. My point in the quote is addressing the so-called ‘free world.’ While much of the reading outside of Islam is that ‘Islam is intolerant,’ it is the present-day non-Muslim practice of killings, maiming, torture, displacement and other crimes against humanity of hundreds of thousands of people (Muslims) that show the level of disregard for international law, human rights and national sovereignty that displays the actual behaviors and intolerance. These actions contradict the claims of propaganda that insinuate ‘since Islam is intolerant, and we are not Muslim; we must therefore be tolerant.’ This high degree of hypocrisy doesn’t give others a ‘free ride.’

    As far as the occasional reading outside of Islam, let’s not forget, I am a convert/revert to Islam. The readings I am familiar with lead me to believe that in Christianity, the Inquisition was intolerant; in today’s Talmud, I am less than; in Israel, I could not be a citizen with rights if I weren’t Jewish — nor a citizen in Palestine with rights; In India, I’m a second-class citizen. These are places where ‘democracy’ is championed.

    Amongst other places, you couldn’t be talking about my rights under secularism. There have been more people who have died due to secular wars than at any other time in history. Communism has and continues to be highly intolerant and unjust toward Muslims.

    Even outside of reading the Qur’an you are overlooking the extensive history of the non-Muslim European, whom attempted to colonize the whole world, part of this colonization effort landed on land governed by Muslims. Even within the U.S., our history exists with Muslims being shipped here as slaves by the tens of millions, where their complete ideological identity has been re-formed.

    Today, in the U.S. we have used more subtle approaches to control the influx of Islam in this country: From immigration laws, to media bias, to Constitutional (especially the original – whereby a black man – possibly a Muslim was not considered a whole human being) Law, Secret Evidence Act, Christianity gone astray in support of pre-emptively annihilating other peoples based on race, religion and national origin.

    Has it ever occurred to you that maybe sometimes Muslims have killed because they were defending their lands, such as in Palestine, Chechnya, Jammu and Kashmir, Sudan, Algeria, Mindanao, Xinjiang, Afghanistan, and a host of other areas? Fighting Islam in these places are based on oppressive acts and selfish reasons.

    I hope my point(s) are clear. I do seek in peace, and I don’t buy all the hype written by non-Muslim or even Muslim. However, I will continue to dialogue with you in public with an attempt to bring about understanding and hope that you follow your own words in the process. The Qur’an refers to the ‘believers’ to include those who are also non-Muslim. May we leave this earth as such. I bid you peace.

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