Manual outlines Muslim radicalization in prisons

PARIS (AP) — Security officials from several European countries have developed a manual to help prison authorities prevent their jailhouses from becoming incubators for Muslim extremists.

The manual, developed by France, Germany and Austria, includes signs that may indicate that a prisoner was becoming radicalized, including the presence of a growing beard. A prison group feared the manual could stigmatize Muslim inmates.  >>>>>

Even the title is Islamophobic.  The title of this article can be interpretted that Muslims have a manual that teaches them how to become more radical while in prison.  This is racial profiling after the fact.  This may be part of their very own psyops in order to prevent those from leaving prison from practicing Islam and be better equipped to identify the ills that governments impose upon society.  This is part of the War against Islam within the infrastructure of a society.  It sounds like there is an expectation of housing a great deal of Muslims in their European prisons.  Why not have a manual that prevents the radical Communism, Fascism, or other such ideologies?


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