FBI Prevents Agents from Telling ‘Truth’ About 9/11 on PBS

Pre-9/11 intelligence mishaps have been generally attributed to bureaucratic screw-ups — a “failure to connect the dots,” exacerbated by spy agency rivalries.

But Rossini and Miller, who were assigned to the CIA-run Counterterrorist Center during the run-up to the 9/11 attacks, are prepared to describe on camera how the CIA blocked them from sharing crucial intelligence with FBI headquarters – and then later pressured them not to tell the truth to investigators. >>>>>

If they were Muslim, they would have been rightfully accused of obstruction of justice, witness tampering and treason.


One Response to FBI Prevents Agents from Telling ‘Truth’ About 9/11 on PBS

  1. maldwi says:

    Doug Miller after the CIA was at the Terrorist Screening Center after the CIA. I guess they don’t want reporters or folks on the Hill asking about watch-lists and other things after they question him about his CIR that was never sent. Now Rossini is a whole different story and I guess someone that nobody in the fbi wants to be put in front of a camera or be up on the Hill answering questions. Particularly during the election season. Rossini, as you can glean from his very public record and sources, remained at the CIA CTC for several years after 9/11. He also was one the founders of the NCTC and was there until September 2005. This is were it gets good. between 9/11 and September 2005 he must have been privy to a whole host of clandestine operations; from secret renditions in Europe; secret prisions and domestic/foreign operations. He must have been part of the investigation into the alleged meeting in Prague between Mohammad Atta and an Iraqi intel officer, that of course VP Dick Cheney has and still says happened and was used as part of the “link” between AQ and Saddam so Americans would swallow the whole idea of the invasion. why doesn’t the CIA or FBI release those photos so that the people can judge if that person in Prague was really Atta. We all know it wasn’t. Couldn’t be since the FBI has Attas rental car receipts for that exact time. Something tells me though that Rossini must have been part of the investigation of this since his job was the go-between the two agencies (we know this from the DOJ/OIG report). Seems to me that if he ever got in front of a Congressional panel the whole door would be blown wide-open on this lie that was put forth by the administration as the only “real” piece of evidence linking a member of AQ and Saddam. Moreover we know from George Tenets book that he used to brief on the days threats at the famous 5 o’clock briefing that George Tenet wrote about in his book “In the Center of the Storm”. Rossini was also involved in the President’s Terrorist Threat Report” Hmmmmm it makes me wonder just what he knows about just what went on at those 5 o’clock briefings and what was in the Pres’s report. What does he know about the domestic wire tapping program? Was he one of the only handful of folks who were read-in to the program?? The bogus Niger documents…What does he know about a whole host of things. One thing is for sure he knows alot and so that’s why he and Miller are being hidden. Yeah we all know that 9/11 is old news which such a damn shame. But the real fear on the part of FBI is to silence these two guys. Makes me wonder why they have not been shown the door already or maybe that’s what the fbi fears.

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