South Ossetia prepares a low blow for Saakashvili

“The South Ossetian Prosecutor General’s Office is drawing up charges against Saakashvili, who will be declared wanted internationally soon,” South Ossetia’s Prosecutor General Taimuraz Khugayev told Interfax on Monday.

“This may be done next week,” he added.

“A warrant for entering the Georgian president on an international wanted list will be handed to the corresponding agencies of the states, which have recognized South Ossetia’s independence,” Khugayev said.  >>>>>


One Response to South Ossetia prepares a low blow for Saakashvili

  1. John Smith says:

    Russia has begun the massed
    bombardment of capital of South Ossetia – the Tshinvali.

    In South Ossetia, Human Rights Watch researchers traveling on the
    evening of August 12 on the road from the town of Java to Tskhinvali,
    the capital of South Ossetia, witnessed terrifying scenes of
    destruction in four villages that used to be populated exclusively by
    ethnic Georgians. According to the few remaining local residents, South
    Ossetian militias and Russian soldiers that were moving along the road looted the Georgian
    villages and set them on fire.

    ‘No More Georgian Enclaves in S.Ossetia’ – Pro-Russian rebel “president” Kokoity

    Georgian enclaves within South Ossetia have been “liquidated,” the breakaway region’s leader, Eduard Kokoity, said on August 22 as quoted by the Russian online news agency, Regnum.

    “Villages of Kekhvi and Tamarasheni, which were uncontrolled [by the South Ossetia authorities] are now totally destroyed as a result of military operations,” Kokoity was quoted as saying.

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